A perfect world webmaster discovered by CC after the fun

because of the recent major room upgrade hard, feeling less DDOS attack. But the new variant CC attack began to pop, and open anti CC strategy, began to affect the major engine spiders crawl and site rankings.

some time ago, listening to friends say that the Internet has a perfect world, because I also follow the trend, using the old domain name: www.awpwol.com made a station.

may be because the old station has a certain weight and external links role, and Related words will soon have a certain ranking. However, CC was attacked continuously for more than 20 days by some sons who had no asshole.

, and in this, also found a number of major engines, after you open anti CC strategy, spiders grab the above little things, and share with you.


site is the earliest time in Zhejiang there is room, they use firewall. When the anti CC policy is opened, a validation code is generated later in the domain name.


use this verification code to analyze normal access or CC?.

, but this thing seems to be no matter what, IP are filtered once, and the result is just let the spider www.awpwol.com to grab into www.awpwol.com/, jdfwkey=39725


and also show directly in the search results…

now I’ve changed the computer room, the website can be accessed normally, and the search results are already normal.

, but if you check with site, the result is www.awpwol.com/, jdfwkey=39725


and this address is still open very fast, it is a bit dumbfounding.

I can’t help but wonder about the magic of search engines…

say another small example.

There is a directory in the

website. The title is "URL": http://s.awpwol.com/yitiaolong/

After the

site was attacked, I added an article. I didn’t expect the directory to be updated second days later, but the address from Baidu search is: http://s.awpwol.com/yitiaolong/, jdfwkey=42756

?After the

site has been properly accessed, the search address has been restored, but it is the same as the previous home page.. Site did not change….

through these CC attacks, as well as the changes after the attack, we can see:

first: Baidu spider is really " want to catch who catch who " grab speed is still very fast. >