Baidu online trading platform VS Taobao Taobao users are going to stay

Baidu online trading platform VS, Taobao, Taobao users is to go, is to stay

Taobao is now Asia’s largest shopping platform, and now Taobao has become an online shopping endorsements, and now everyone’s eyes, want to sell things online, Taobao preferred. Taobao is already the dominant shopping platform.

however, in September 10, 2008, Baidu established a network trading platform, with Taobao and Baidu on the station, the Taobao user name for a sharp drop in traffic, Baidu Taobao users open Easy Access banner, the establishment of Baidu online trading platform, trading platform to let the users to join Baidu in Taobao. Baidu’s so-called "green channel" is actually digging customers. "Green channel", halo, that sounds good.

most of the Taobao users, their attention to decide on what path to follow up. A bystander is always clear-minded., Those closely involved cannot see clearly. I would like to express my views on Baidu and Taobao.

said Taobao is already the largest online shopping platform in Asia recognized, has many years of experience in sales site, the user is connected with the fundamental interests of their own, I believe Taobao will every hour and moment are thinking about our impact on people, (reputation effect). In the Taobao shopping, fair, notarization, deception can be solved, whether buyers or sellers, all love in Taobao and settle down, buy what you want, online shopping, Taobao is a good choice. To tell you the truth, I want to sell something and buy something to go to Taobao, so Taobao’s business model is acceptable.

Baidu online trading platform, is also recognized as Asia’s largest search platform, most Chinese people are in use, convenient and quick. Baidu said, join the network trading platform, their flow, of course, is also possible, you can also participate in the auction, to his own shop name in order to improve, among the best in the same type of goods, you can make more money to bid keywords > , both are good.


from the previous two sites of the doings, Taobao is at peace, nor what rumors, users, traffic gradually increased.


? You know, the best interests of Baidu’s competitive ranking, the more money you make, your name is higher, you don’t pay your name on the back, this is very unfair to the store, the store is the same, why treatment is not the same??? Why haven’t you for Baidu money, want to name the net, access to a large amount of money to Baidu, to participate in the auction. If you don’t have money, don’t do business. You need to invest in business. Of course, you can use defective goods as good, you participate in PPC, your shop ranked first, many people are fooled, buy your things are also many ah. Fooled buyers, will not curse Baidu, you can only be accused of cheating!!!


on Taobao, there is no such competition, all rely on credibility, as long as the credibility of your buyers will be more, your financial resources