How about rice and vegetable roll picture station promotion and obtain high quality chain

earlier, a friend of the picture station asked me how to get high quality of the chain, at that time casually said some, today to sum up, let do picture station friends have a general idea. I wouldn’t say anything about website promotion and how to get high quality chains, just a few ways to make use of the picture station itself.

, let’s talk about some of the ways of promotion,

one, viral marketing,

The concept of

using viral marketing to expand the idea of the network, a good picture is a good popular language by QQ and other ways overnight so that tens of thousands of people know, so do the pictures do not only know to collect pictures, to innovation, innovation in image resources, innovation of good pictures can be sent to the QQ group promotion, the effect is better if accepted by others, and then send each other, this picture is also even more successful, also can take some pictures on their website watermark, but suggested that the size of the watermark image do not destroy the integrity of.

two, mail propagation

use pop-up advantages QQ mail can choose sending QQ mail, as for how to search the mass, mass is the most important content, if the content of people is a look at advertising, I think everyone will be deleted, I suggest if you send bulk mail pictures station must take the mail content well, do some original desktop pictures or other works, make your content useful for others, and this information is not garbage, I think most people will choose to go to look at the contents of course, we must ensure that the quality of this is also one of the reasons can not attract others to your site.

three, set up theme picture library

will integrate many series of pictures together available for download, and then in the compression bag connected to do some website information and shortcut, don’t think such a small move not what effect, more people download, the natural effect appeared. This topic style is a lot of people prefer, so from another point of view, the website should be designed from the perspective of user experience, so that there will be a reverse rate.

uses its own resources in many ways, and everyone needs to think about it and broaden it. There are many methods also use their own resources to find pictures of the chain, such as some of the more easily spread picture on their web site directly copied to the country some of the more popular forum Post Bar to post here must be sent to the corresponding parts of the site that must comply with the rules of this forum Post Bar. It will not cause the post has been deleted, and the picture itself is copied over from your website, others do not is outside the chain, others point is a IP.

is not talking much today, mainly to share with you a few small ideas, everyone’s ideas are different, practices are different, ideas broaden, the method will be more. Insist on doing, insist on thinking, persist in exploring, always have that set