nternet rectification webmaster crisis a lot but there are also opportunities

in the past month, China’s Internet has undergone a "big change", the state has launched a series of Internet "rectification movement" to combat pornography and illegal information. First, the computer room, and check BT. Porn sites are closed, but regular websites are even more connected. This is not enough, this did not stop, and begin investigating the domain name registration and information site for the record, the real name system, white list, no record not to resolve. Do not say is ordinary people, is the webmaster, the daily changes in the policy is also complicated, unprepared. Policy is changing every day, the same is the personal Adsense loss is more and more serious. The circle is Starving people fill the land. more complaints. The state launched a heavy blow to crack down on Internet pornography and illegal information, as well as a pure Internet environment for Internet users. Personal webmaster should be applauded for their support. Then the total heavy injury, not to mention the special rectification activities, wrist hard, wide coverage, holding would rather kill ten thousand also did not miss a determination, individual owners suffered heavy losses, and even some pessimistic predictions in the aftermath of this special rectification activities, individual owners will go to the end. Pessimistic complaints filled the station, the webmaster has no idea how the future road forward.


has just finished a period, again surprised the well-known webmaster forum im286.com and Chinaz Chinese laggards webmaster forum has been unable to visit, although the specific cause is not clear, but also related to the event BLOCKOUTS nine out of ten. Before the portal has been announced for the time being closed, when to reopen, in the foreseeable future. Now, the famous webmaster portal and forum also only A5 still adhere to, but A5 Trading Forum has not yet been closed for several days before the baptism". Pornography illegal websites caused by personal websites across the board, personal domain name registration restrictions, without registration domain cannot be resolved, to establish a network of white list, a special forum for difficult to apply, seems to make individual stationmaster entrepreneurial path into the dead cycle. Do stand threshold is more and more high, do the station covers more and more narrow, do the record review procedures for cycle variable length, web content information review will be too harsh to personal Adsense bring considerable impact. Can be said that the individual stationmaster group although besieged on all sides, threatened by growing crises, a large number of large site, but the Internet in the "winter", it is the first time that they feel so weak and powerless.

if the site according to whether the formal points, playing the edge ball and do illegal pornographic information website, the content of this website is a problem record information has been mixed or no false record, is the focus of the campaign, in the future will not have their living space, it is transferred abroad, once the implementation of white list system really, it is difficult to survive. This kind of website should be cast aside by the webmaster, don’t do it. The removal of these sites after the rest of the regular site is divided into three kinds, one is with personal interest, non-profit ideal made or semi profit nature of the site, the site itself does not exist or operate semi operation state, as long as the formal legal, the influence on the block >