Big bird’s April 18th impression of Beijing

Beijing is a strange city, the sky is always gray, and the green is always so little, the road no matter the repair of the width, or traffic jam.

Beijing is also a wonderful city, most of the well-known Internet enterprises gathered here, the impact of the internet almost all policies are formulated by this ancient city, with the arrival of the Olympic Games become more and more dynamic.

7 in the morning train, dragging heavy IBM notebook down the car, with the crowd out of the Beijing West Railway Station, stumbled up to the hotel bus, half a small shake when the two days of temporary residence: Home Inns Zizhuqiao hotel.

because the room has been fixed, the direct number, open the room, lying on the bed, a little sleepy feeling, after all, the train on the night, always shaking in the past.

but the rest only half an hour to start the first to visit friends, Huizhong advertising alliance PR Wang Lili smoothly to Haidian District Suzhou Street No. 18, block B1, floor 15, building long-term world.

surprised to see the hall staff are busy scene, may work in the home for too long, basically, for the office of the nine to five life, no visual impression. After waiting in the meeting room, I met Wang Lili, who was able to think clearly and speak politely.

a morning talk in a relaxed and happy atmosphere, to meet the advertising alliance and the friend that I was standing in a station near the contact angle, advertising alliance, such a webmaster love hate groups, try to contact them, exchange, understanding.

webmaster do advertisement union buckle quantity at the same time, the original advertising alliance is in trouble to cheat the webmaster webmaster or emerge in an endless stream, advertising price is too low at the same time, the original advertising alliance is also actively looking for high priced advertisers, everything is in fact both sides of things, the owners and advertising alliance interdependence can not short may change, since we can not change, the two sides should try to understand each other exchanges.

afternoon a taxi directly to the Asian Sports Village International Conference Center in Beijing, a strong e-commerce Conference opened here, not only the government to many heavyweight officials, even Taobao eBay to exhibitors.

and shopex Zhu Shanshan successfully met with hospitality and behind a straightforward character, thank you very much for she took me into the main hall, and the contact found another easy to ignore the webmaster of the market: electronic commerce, there is no cheating, no union, have only sales, traffic and a combination of a pure business world.

sitting in the taxi back to the hotel, Beijing is still as in the past the sky dark, as in the past the road congestion, but had visited one day, into contact with the domestic advertising alliance, the latest and most authoritative electronic business.