A week of recruitment from Beijing T company

I am a small and very small software company in Beijing. Recently, due to business development, I want to recruit Java software engineers, 1 senior (4 + years) experience, and 2 junior (2 + years of experience). Since 24, I have posted a position in one of the three recruitment websites. From 24 noon, at five days, has received nearly four thousand resumes, because many people are senior junior two jobs at the same time for, so the number can be roughly divided by two, then get rid of some repetition, so the number of candidates in about one thousand and five hundred to one thousand and eight hundred.

to tell you the truth, I didn’t expect it to happen. First, I didn’t expect so many people to apply for the job. Two, I didn’t expect the proportion of students who graduated this two years to be high. Because my company is just a small company with absolutely no reputation, I wanted to have hundreds of resumes for me to sift through. In addition, the requirements of the position is really very real, because the project will be launched soon, similar work experience in the past is necessary. "I’m not reluctant to train new people, but they are conditional," I said in detail later.

because there are so many resumes, I’ve only read hundreds of them, or about 1/5 or even 1/6. The statistical samples should be barely enough. In this nearly 1800 people, graduating students (09 years of graduation) accounted for about 20%, this year (08 years) graduation accounted for more than 50%, last year (07) graduation accounted for 20%, and the remaining less than 10% is work for more than 2 years.

is important, except for graduating students, more than 90% of those people now is "I am currently in a state of separation, can be immediately posts".

to tell you the truth, I’m surprised. Although I know that the current employment situation is very bad, but for the IT industry, there will be so many people are now unemployed, I still did not expect. If I like this small companies have received so many resumes, so those big companies, foreign companies will receive how much? I don’t know, at present, Beijing talent market, IT industry of the unemployed population how many? If the IT industry is so that other industries? < / p>

said the following may be some extra words, in the hope that DDMM do not Paizhuan looking for work, I’m just a well intentioned reminder.


received so many resumes, the excitement began to be replaced by disappointment, because the vast majority of applicants were totally out of my demand. Here are a few things that disappointed me:

multi throw: junior position, senior position, apply for

may be trying to attract attention, but it is also confusing to apply for senior positions due to the fact that the individual condition meets the requirements of (or even at least) the junior position. What do you think you would do if you were HR? Do you take an interview for a senior position, or do you start by junior? The general result may be: there is no opportunity for beginners. Why? Because if you meet >