Mainstream CMS viewed from shared spirit

in depth discussion before, first I want to mainstream CMS statement in my eyes is that, the so-called mainstream, I’m not saying that the so-called high-end CMS, but several CMS users of the largest, at present is: DedeCms, PHPCMS, CMS, CMS, imperial PowerEasy PHP168

I’m going to talk about DedeCms, PHPCMS, Empire CMS three.

one, DedeCms

in the past, when only DedeCms open source, other times are not open source, some malicious comments in attack Dede say false open source, but when we are open, this idea will no longer exist, we discuss the openness of the system, not to discuss what the GPL protocol, because these are not CMS comply with the GPL agreement, there are Chinese features added "free for non-commercial use" this, of course, "piracy" Chinese is very much. So, what is the open source GPL to discuss false words, to discuss the discussion of resource sharing problems.

DedeCms has the following features:

1, tag open

DedeCms the label is open (except directly involved in SQL operation loop, SQL tags, but actually use these two labels relatively have a "professional"), said here is open standard, the mode share to others does not need too much modification;

2, templates open

DedeCms templates are basically in the form of a document stored, this benefit is very conducive to the sharing of single template sharing, also there is no denying the fact that DedeCms is the most, this in their forum template style area can be reflected.

3, document sharing,

DedeCmsV5.3, set up a document center website, which is, but also allows users in submission, this is the nature of domestic CMS first appeared in the document center.

4, plugins and other shared

with the development of time, users of DedeCms has been very much at home, V5.3 just released soon, many users know the development of relevant modules and widgets, and new versions of single plug-in modular, but also on the label, content model, model acquisition and sharing, only DedeCms forum to "who gave me a XXX rule" and the "cries".

from the above point of view, DedeCms has initially possessed the characteristics of open source sharing spirit, of course, do not comply with GPL this, which is impossible in the country, after all, there is no home