How do you get a bowl of delicious food from the local news website

a water for one person, in the domestic government to vigorously push the government to help Bush online, the office moved to the internet…… The potential has created a batch of local government supported news portals and entertainment portals. They’re holding the national policy support, hold news release resources, at the same time have newspaper reporter Station (currently the vast majority of local news stations are the newspaper group’s hung XX provincial key news portal) XX news network, XX port, XX online sites are all in the flow than eager for a fight! Ranked, misleading and sometimes even had to come from such a large flow? But of course we do not rule out like a red net, such local portal station strength.

has always regarded the native as a native. News portals have their own unique advantages, but any place will definitely have news portals, information portals and industry gateways. The high threshold of the news portal is out of our discussion.

to do local information and local industry portal, you must also have a unique understanding of local characteristics and features, I do not see 58 such a national information station. At the same time, please don’t put the door of the news portal when your opponent (of course, if you want to start from the news that is another matter).

many people focus too much on the user experience, in fact, the actual operation is not so one thing, A5, CHZ experience is very strong? The development of a web site must concentrate 70% applied to the operation and the line, pure technology will only make you self appreciation, is the value of the Internet I come to your station can find what I need I want to go out or something. The technology ensures the development of the website’s normal and basic functions.

We are not in the local

advertising website of absolute advantage, but we can do the advertisement more artistic and humane, out of the single picture advertising, but advertising is also a website source of income is a very important proportion. Since the difficulty of the soft information, why not start from? Join, DM, local mall, local information (such as intermediary also is to charge as much from the line), under development, such as development of mall franchisee you just make his own two meters or the site such as leaflets, in his head. These are your brand, rather than asking him to bring you many jiamengfei.

: industry information portal can also start from the information, promotion and bidding can be similar to Baidu, this one from SP, using mobile phone, phone SMS day top (a lot of people say do SP to the threshold, but even if you don’t want to have this basic threshold step then you don’t have to say you is a commercial website.


note: the text is just personal thoughts, feel good big top feel bad for their own vomit, at the same time we operate Changsha information harbor and Jiangxi information port (both in local entity operation), also hope to have the place to stop operation of the station with the exchange I QQ: 3735065, together with the development of local information the cause of