Baidu promotion links fraudulent use of trademarks you can complain to Baidu success

Baidu promotion link infringement of trademark in the current Internet industry because of many businesses It is often seen., but Baidu complaints process is not clear, some do not even know the complaints to Baidu to safeguard their rights, once a lawsuit is "ghost Li case", is that Baidu infringement issues, but this is according to the well-known company, as our small company, if you are so generous, first from the economic aspect is a disadvantage, can win the money there is in addition to fight protracted time and energy, you may feel it, others will be cancelled today may be too.

what exactly is it that Baidu promotes links and uses fraudulent trademarks to make a complaint to Baidu? Is it successful?

is not as difficult as you think it is. This situation is very common in the medical industry. If you don’t solve the problem, the traffic will be greatly dispersed, and the product brand will be damaged. It took me about 3 days to make a complaint to Baidu, and third days later, the bidding was cancelled and the other line is easier to solve.

the first step, to find Baidu complaint center address, as requested by the map, upload quality, screenshot, contact

below is my actual operation of the successful case, screenshot for you to see


on the same day, your Baidu account will receive the message, and you’ll also be in the mailbox.

I wait until second days of the auction is still not cancelled, so I went to the Baidu customer service call center, probably talked on the phone before and after 1 hours of time, asked me the URL, product brand, fraudulent use of the website, I answered truthfully, then email to a the personnel of the service and the upload files to the above complaints in the form of an annex to the [email protected], and let the customer service commitment in the verbal response to the relevant departments immediately. The bidding was canceled that evening.

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