Localization of mother and child sites how to do a good combination of online and offline promotion

simple search engine optimization promotion has not been able to meet the needs of users, especially users now aversion to network, too much Internet fraud in this part of the user; and for some webmaster search engine traffic is not so easy to get, which tell us the website not only need online promotion, we also need to combine the line of promotion, through online and offline promotion to drive the whole progress of the website, I do a mother like the site, below I talk about my mother do website promotion tips. Localization.

learns to make use of the localization portal and life network

The localization of

is not only the US such a website, website localization development should be the best local portal and localization forum, such as the city where I live in Xi’an, Xi’an has three local portal development better, this is our website as the object, the cooperation is also advertising. We do pay promotion, each other in the home and put a banner ad in post layout allows us to carry out soft advertising.

is localized to the site, but because of the direction of development is not the same, the final outcome is not the same, as local maternal website wants to let the local network people the first time meet you, then with the help of local website’s charm is urgent, and I stand in the net on-line third weeks to contact a local place website advertising, this is not only to improve the traffic problems, it is more important to improve the site in the local visibility, otherwise no one knows your website but also to talk about the effective promotion of


learns to do some interaction with localization QQ group


line on the site before specially added 10 several localization QQ group, in the group I also do not advertise, every day to make a call on the group, when the website I in the group said recently in the local found a mother’s website, I feel pretty good effect, we have time to see, this method is through the group will not delete me, within the group of friends also don’t think I’m advertising, because my principle is jiangtaigong fishing, bait.

looking for localization, rental companies, bus companies to do offline

now the taxi, bus companies are basically private, for these companies to advertise as long as you are willing to give money in the whole body is covered with advertisements, taxi advertising is mainly the LED display, the bus is decorated with bus body inside, in the three line of the city bus prices should be a car a month 500-800 advertising, LED advertising display taxi fee is about 800 yuan a day or so, I do in Xi’an is the price of a quarter contract, daily rolling ten times in the LED display, advertising price is 20 thousand yuan, the price was a little expensive, but for the website the effect is very good, so that through the rolling show >