And new Adsense discussion website promotion of three problems

many new owners for their website promotion and headache, seek Links, submit sites directory, search engine, busy for a long time not to see what effect.

, let me talk to you about my website promotion and company website promotion.

one, looking for links to

When the new owners started

each have to find a high PR site links, East West for grandpa grandma, but still few owners are willing to exchange links with you, willing to exchange links are the same as you are the new PR is very low and even your station is 0 sometimes, not easy to find a link, others put your link on the inside pages, put the page links in what is the use effect, opportunities for 0, unless his station links page PR is also very high, otherwise meaningless. What exactly is the cause of these conditions,


1, new station’s PR is too low, others are afraid your website will affect his website, so do not want to put your station on the home page to do links.

2, and others like you in the heart – and high PR value of the web site links to improve their PR value, so don’t want to put your site on the home page, take his link position.

3, new sites at the beginning of the search engine included pages are not many, and some search engines have not even included, others will have a worry, afraid your station is K search engine.

in view of the above three points, according to my experience and everyone to say my point of view.

my point is as follows:

1, the new change to high PR Links don’t hurry, calm down to a careful look at your website, first for further optimization of their web page, such as: the interface program code, keywords, description, title, etc. are carefully checked, in order to achieve the search engine is very easy to search to your site content.

2, enrich your website content, an empty shell website search engine how to include, even if included is also a few pages. It’s best to follow the content of your website every day, even if one day you release a content on the website, as long as the content can be displayed on the home page, it will have some effect.

3, on your website to the search engine submission, commonly used search engines such as Google, Baidu, YAHOO, MSN, SOSO, Sogou, Youdao, etc, at the beginning of the new sites that provide you with Sitemap for GOOGLE and YAHOO, that included your station soon.

Through the observation of

4, I found myself writing more than a reprint of others content to be included more quickly, if well written words will be included in many websites, and don’t forget to write in your article with your site links.