Read talk about webmaster exchange links of the highest technology sense

              just read this article, talk about the highest technology for webmaster exchange links. I admit that this friend speaks well. But when it comes to the relevance of links, I don’t know. My station is only two months, and now with a few big sites exchange links, of which PR4 5, PR5 1, PR3 1, and other links do not say. To tell you the truth, I still have a lot of food to do. I don’t even have a group of webmaster. I don’t know if my link will come out or be laughed at. Laugh, laugh, see the older people say, do a website, such as a man, now I share my friendship link.

              first, I added a PR6 web site QQ, and know that this is in the website before there, after doing stand, let him give me a Links, he said, only the text link, but not in in the website home page, the page below /bbs/, PR4, I am happy too. Then, I check his link, because it is in the website, correlation degree is extremely high, I spotted a well that link to the site, and then to the webmaster Email, sincere words, also said that I in cooperation with the PR6 website, indeed, simple cooperation to others my website a look, really do a link, and the site included are normal, although the PR is only 1, but the development of good, so he gave the link. I happy, I thought, is the webmaster ah, and I have done two PR4, so I continue to use this method, they, and I are highly related links to find, so I know a few webmaster, I had never imagined before.        

         ;       exchange links, I found that as long as the individual webmaster, general will be relatively good to speak, if the team action site, it may ignore you. Exchange links before analyzing how sure, some stations are obvious to pr> =4 chain, if have Email hair, if the application is on the site of the Links I generally do not apply for, because I want to impress the webmaster, let him be most willing to link. Is this, I use a PR4 brings several links to PR4, or even PR5, but only a Email only, do not know my methods are not universal, anyway, what I did, if you want to check what I said, you can check my Links: http://s. Adsense nets start please keep the.