My soccer score website experience

due to contact friends are football, often heard what the net score a month income of several million yuan, a few million to me this one before do picture stand to put pop to get 100 pieces of monthly say much temptation, so a few days before the 2008 Olympic Games. Hold on the football scores can bring huge profit impulse, his thoughts and some friends say, finally everyone out of ten thousand yuan to purchase program, server and advertising.


after the discussion, decided the short domain name, and registered in, a domain name, but also to the server, the server is a difficult problem, select several servers are not suitable, successively in Shantou, Maoming and other places of the room rented server, but because the stability or attack effect change, finally find a stable server. Web site program, we find the technology to do a set of live voice score procedures, because of its good function, attractive features, this score process spent $10000. In this way, the tp90 football score was born.


the next thing to do is promotion, was due to be too naive, think that money can bring advertising, advertising revenue, suddenly dropped in seven or eight ad, which in Bihaiyinsha also voted advertising, the first month of more than 10000 of the advertising fee, because at that time the online demand is the crown. So we add real-time updates on the logo web site in the crown of advertising, traffic suddenly reached more than 10000 IP a day, the average number of five hundred people online, then looked at the statistics, everyone was happy to can’t sleep sleep, that will soon be in advertising revenue, haha who knows second months of the bottom. To advertise a person all have no, we can’t find out where is the problem, and finally a friend pointed out the problem: This is new, people do not need to believe, and some web site to do Links, it is best to find some football sites, station advertising, you can enhance the popularity of tp90 scoring network. Yes, we have to face is not only to see the score and the customer information, the most important thing is that to advertising webmaster ah, and the link is not the cost of long-term, can achieve the effect of publicity, so we began to find some looks a traffic station chain, but was rejected, large flow it’s in the QQ rejected the request, this is the injury of the people. Small flow station, and every day looking for you to do links, but also ridiculed.

search optimization

may at the time of the name crown. Or the server is not stable, Baidu has not included, so I also find people online to optimize, finally in second months when Baidu included, but the words football scores ranked in the 20 pages, I put title into football scores – tp90 speech the football scores | score | score in Descript> timely.