Thinking and practice are important weights for grassroots webmaster to succeed

the Internet is the stage for young people, where they can create their own wonders. Look at your peers’ Internet stories and maybe inspire yourself. Let’s find our way along his tracks.

June 16th A5 version of the chat activity, invite super station founder Dai Renguang shared his more than 5 years of Internet experience and stories, this paper exceeded some questions and answers, welcome to discuss.


Dai Renguang, the University began to do stand out and out, the grassroots webmaster, after graduation, worked in the Ali Mama, Hangzhou Cai Tuo, Hangzhou Department of agriculture and other Internet companies, Ali mother the first moderator, still in the community as a union university forum moderator, Ali mother first Taobao guest. Because Taobao customer really began full-time webmaster of the road, as the entrance to Taobao customers and established the "super station network (referred to as" super station), super station forum after nearly 2 years of development, has accumulated 45 thousand of Taobao passenger type webmaster, relying on the development of the Super League (Amoy Forum a docking business and Taobao customer alliance).


SEO, soft, blogs and other forms of promotion, personal independence blog has written more than 2 years of independent blog, is willing to share a webmaster, some daily experience written out to share in the blog, this is a very happy thing!

about the guest experience

: A, five years of Internet experience that is neither short nor long, has more than five years of experience in the Internet most webmasters A5 (including personal, office and other Internet companies), do you think what is the secret of success, nothing more than the owners, the largest

is your advantage?

two, are you a full-time station owner? If so, what are your specific plans for your future career? What are your goals?

three, as the mother of Ali moderator, the first batch of Taobao customers, you think grassroots webmaster online business opportunities still big?

four, I also have a mom Esther million account, three years old, and that is not to go, I personally think that Ali mother community is not good, slow, post quality is low, this is not the moderator is not good, is the problem of Ma Yun, his team only pay attention to the Taobao community, but ignore the mom community. I would like to ask guests, how did you become a moderator in Ali’s mother community? Do you think you are a good host? As a moderator of Ali’s mother, are you happy?

five, the question extended by fourth questions, whether you have established a forum, do you think Taobao customers such forums should be how to locate, it may achieve results, do you think the personal forum is OK,


answer: 1) the secret of success is not yet. I’m on my way too. 06 years began to do the station, and many webmaster than <