Talk about the new station to promote by famous website

who don’t want to stand with the relationship, whether it is good or bad, there are more or less good for our station, but we as a small webmaster’s ideal was to engage in long-term station, there may be few webmaster in site design is in a few days. A point of view I will talk about the pretext of standing today light.

. Similar domain name, site advertising

of course, the more similar meters, built into a station, the greater the flow, flow, and you put on advertising, of course, the effect is even better. Today, I read an article saying that "Google has spelt 500 million US dollars in 1 years on the wrong domain name," which means that there are too many people using similar meters to build a station and earn too many advertisements. These similar meters, the cost is poor, that is, a meter of money, a single page every day can bring hundreds of knife income. Of course, now standing similar meters basically all people to register, if you want to go in and registered to the similar basically impossible. The station is not good, why don’t we go to the second station line, went ahead and registered, then maybe will give you a not a small harvest. You see what that go*go just come out a few days, there are hundreds of similar meters in the station. This is not a part of the people saw business opportunities, submitted to the Bureau of cloth.

two. Similar station name, grab wrong traffic

we don’t say anything else. Just say Admin5. I checked it last time. Admin started at dozens of times. Basically someone put it on the station. It’s basically not the same as a5. Why do these people spend their energy, human resources, every day to collect A5 content in the past?. Not in order to grab the wrong traffic, and sometimes it is some wrong traffic, but also to their station to bring certain benefits.

three. Standing two meters in the development of independent

now has a lot of standing, all love his two meters to the people what the right to sell experience a website, with A5 source code download. This is also the right to sell A5 to others. Why people two meters when people start, do not directly use a meter, this did not want to borrow the name of the light, the first flow, and then in the independent. No, this A5 download station now has its own independent meters. But now it seems that xiazai*com hasn’t left A5 yet, and I’m sure the station will work independently before long. This is also the most essential purpose of this person running the download station.

in name of the light is good, but also to get a proper level. Otherwise, there will be a series of lawsuits. Here, I wish you all luck in the new year. These are some of my own views, talk about relatively shallow, welcome to correct me, and I communicate QQ:93065410 dew CMS website: