Mou Changqing independent blogger original Alliance for product vision


independent blog, as its name suggests, is a blog site built with an independent domain name. Most independent blogs on the Internet are using third party free open-source programs, such as the current mainstream ASP blog program zblog and PHP blog program WordPress. My own independent blog is the use of zbolg procedures, because of their technical comparison dishes, I think ASP program blog installation is convenient, so I chose the zblog, and Zblog search engine is also very friendly. Many well-known blogs in the industry are also using zblog programs, such as Moonlight blog, Lu Songsong blog and so on.

used to write independent blog with fewer people, but the two years to write independent blog more and more friends, I also often used in the article is recommended to do the Internet work friends have their own independent blog should. This will not only have a website to practice their own ideas, but also through the blog to display their own, but also facilitate the future to find satisfactory work.

is not afraid of the deep alley, but I often find some very good independent blogs, but few people are interested in it, so the wine is actually afraid of the alley too deep. Independent blog is too independent, and compared to some platforms to send articles, it is more difficult to be noticed. For example, in Sina, DONEWS and other places to open a blog, there may be recommended to the home page opportunities, but their independent blog is entirely on their own promotion. Some are not good at promoting friends, will be very upset, and their articles are also written very well, but why not many people to pay attention to comment on the message,


so I’ve been wondering if there’s such a platform for some independent blogs that focus on writing original experiences, and that will be noticed by more and more people. Let there have been a certain popularity of original blog, more popular. So I have such a product concept.

1: intelligent independent blog content exchange recommendation system

assumes that there is such an independent blog coalition, there are thousands of independent blog joined the union, become a member of the union. And according to the blog articles focus on the direction of content classification. For example, there are dedicated network promotion, there is focus on web design, focus on website operations, these independent blog when joining the League classification. Then get a code from the league and put it on your blog, for example, on your own list of articles, so that you have more content in the red box.


1: the article recommended accurate matching

may be the latest original articles will appear randomly in the above union membership red box, assumptions can through the blog content classification or title keywords, the tags, and this blog content most relevant. The content of the recommendation and the content of the union code of the blog, the user base is very match, accurate recommendation, so as to improve the click rate of the article.

2: intelligent traffic monitoring, control articles recommended frequency >