The domain name industry at home and abroad quest trading under the flash case

recently, I found that the recent overseas domain market sectors have appeared in the public eye in the domain name, the domain name industry highballing many cases, coupled with the large art auction industry domain, which makes the author once again turn attention to Yu Hai and social insurance, etc., the game industry domain.

SNS industry concerns about lifting social domain name hot

foreign social networking sites of the most successful operations is Facebook, its social networking site success once set off a registered social domain boom, now social class domain name market is still optimistic about the industry, before the social domain name for $100000 lover of successful trading, about RMB 680 thousand, more large special social domain name auction will be held held recently, the social class of domain name to participate in the auction reserve price in 5 thousand dollars to 25 thousand dollars, you can see that the foreign social domain is still dominated by words and phrases domain name, the domain name is more inclined to take the word intuitive social class words.

is also a lot of domestic social networking sites, which enabled driving off social domain of diverse types, most of the social domain enabled to Pinyin domain name, such as Sina micro-blog official website domain name is used in Larry domain, domain name and Tencent friends on-line friends community, website domain name is, and so on, of course, in addition to Pinyin domain name. There are other types of domain name applications, such as Sina micro-blog another domain name, happy net domain name is, which is the Pinyin and digital mixed type, and digital domain push micro-blog sound.

game domain name into new investment direction

game domain name in the overseas market has been more popular, the main reason lies in the huge flow of income brought by the game domain, such as the well-known overseas leisure game maker Hallpass Media’s new cooking game website domain name is, the successful operation of more than 400 thousand monthly domain independent access to customers, its other game domain name and also bring good returns, Zynga building new games domain name on the line after 8 days of successful operation, has 6 million game users, and so on, you can see that the overseas game types in the leisure class, military construction, etc, of which the game domain combination type "games", more than most types of domain enabled games with the content of the game itself, and in the catalytic domain driven game, overseas gambling game domain Fame has become one of the favourites.

can not be ignored, the domestic game domain enabled type is diversified, and the phonetic domain digital domain occupy most cases, such as the well-known game company perfect world is the country’s official website to enable Shuangpin domain name, online.