Stationmaster builds a station to do good job it is kingly way

wrote this article today just because he was so happy and didn’t have the slightest meaning of soft wen. I also have 5 years time to do web site. When I run a mobile phone forum, I am a freshman. I didn’t know SEO at that time. I just knew the content of the forum. For two years there are hundreds of thousands of users, but they do not know the server security, website information hackers deleted two badly will not go. The domain name for 5 years, after two years of idle two days before going to pick it up to make a station, but found no difference with the new domain name. No chain, PR0, no included.

decided last week to do the station, bought a server, a system on the fly dream. What does not change to the dream weaving system, identify themselves to do a material station began to organize their own hands, download some good information on the Internet, day and night upload information. Accustomed to the Webmaster Station, look at the included situation. Only a few days included more than 600, basically updated every day content will be included. Insist on updated every day, today the first thing in the morning or standing long standing queries, oh, PR3, I didn’t change a connection without sending a soft all the energy in the full content.

has been on the web for 5 years and knows it’s a lot of coincidence. Just to catch up with PR update period, there is this domain name, before there are some very quality of the chain, not by the other site deleted. But there are only a few of them that play such a big role. Behind the contingency, we can get some enlightenment, that is, the quality of the anti chain. Many webmaster Optimization Website is blindly exchange links, BBS mass, blog group building. In fact, I have done such work, basically no effort. This kind of anti chain gives your score basically a zero, and it’s better to improve yourself than these times.

I used the domain name for mobile forums, maybe someone heard of it. Now, of course, I’m starting from scratch. I’m sure I’ll do it again. Because search engines, no matter which one, will see the content is very heavy, especially in today’s Baidu or GOOGLE, some keywords, the first page is all garbage station. If search engines don’t value user experience, they also have a bad day. As a grassroots webmaster, we still spend more time on perfecting ourselves. Update your station every day, even if you spend an hour every day, one day you will get generous returns.

conclusion: in many people’s eyes, PR3 is garbage, I think I will do it, I welcome the quality of the station to find me to do links, even if it is PR0 station, as long as the heart of the webmaster, I will exchange. My QQ:40326874, welcome everyone to discuss with me.