The station master needs the smell of a hunting dog to discover opportunities

today view approach found out to the cinema second keyword!! Wd=%B5%E7%D3%B0%D4%BA look at the following is a cinema ticket. Think of my traffic as a waste. If I can carry out the business of movie tickets, converted to cash flow using my free film effect compared with the benefits must be increased by 10 times, even more so! I will contact the cinema in the back row of the company to help them sell! Movie tickets to the commission. 2 hours to answer 5 calls, 3 transactions, 30% Commission, see the effect is good, and they talked about a 3000 yuan a month ad, so do not have to earn money for the site to worry about. Here is just an example I said! I know some of the webmaster have better place! Also have a friend to joke, I 3000 dare to come out to show off. What I’m trying to say is that I’m open to an idea! It’s not so simple as 3000 dollars!


so sometimes it’s not the opportunities that aren’t for you, but whether you’ve discovered or grasped the opportunity. Most webmasters complain that the reason why they can’t earn money is mostly here. A lot of stationmaster has done the station, fixed a recreational place. Although there are a lot of people every day, the benefits are not enough to pay for the server. Tell others every day, do stand pain, do stand tired.


webmaster needs to keep a clear head all the time, and discover the business opportunities with the smell of a hunting dog, and your station is not far from profit. I hope everyone in the Internet world can do excellent hunting dogs, one can earn pots full bowl.