Rookie pull traffic difficult process ~ master pointing

has been mixing with the Internet for so many years and seeing other people’s beautiful websites. Envy is the envy of the heart.

started surfing the Internet in 97 years. I like learning things and I like to study things. When I see people on the Internet, I think how they set up, and how to do it. And then look around blindly looking for information, (then did not know how to use search), later learned that using the most basic Microsoft Office FrontPage can edit the web page.

I didn’t graduate from junior high school. I didn’t understand HTML language. What’s the code?. See the code out of order are dumbfounded, only by doing a simple view edit mode ". But I was able to do it at that time. I felt so beautiful in my heart, ~

with the development and progress of the Internet, the old feel that they can not keep up with, technology is out of line, relying solely on Microsoft Office FrontPage editor how to make a personalized web site ah?.

started by choosing what free space, domain name, and so on. The service is bad and unstable. Site construction is good, pass up, you can visit in one or two days. After a while I roll up and leave. Want to buy it charges no money in his pocket, then even the Internet cafes can not afford to pay the money, because I was in rural areas but I also have many small contact computer can solve the problems of small fault, it can help people see the Internet is not to make money, mixed meals a day to meet. In this way, we are now providing ourselves with an environment where we can use the Internet without spending money. Here the Internet people say "should all day playing games" the family can not by other people’s vision of public opinion. Finally can not help but let me stay in the Internet bar all day long. Only to sneak out and would not like to change.

, as time went on, finally managed to get married. You can say it’s free, too. Have the ability to build a similar environment for yourself. Just think about building a small station,   after erecting, always do not go on the flow. I thought about how to flow up, see the experience of ADMIN5 masters, or do not know how to intervene. I only think of my own method.

I opened a local store in my place and sold computers, computer accessories, and so on. Then I went to some printing copiers and helped others to type, copy and make business cards. I just want to print my website to the customer’s business card, and then put the customer’s business card on my website. Play the role of double publicity. You can still make money, why not?. I don’t know what the web site is.

learned the short system package technology, and can encapsulate the system disk to burn it out. Since then, the purchase will not enter 1.5 yuan, a pirated system disk, with fewer times. I sold myself packaged, of course, using the latest technology, fool installation system, put in the compact disk, press the "A" button, you can drink tea.

sets up your own web site