To talk about Japan’s A station B station in the past

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AcFun these days, rumors of conspiracy theorists, raise a Babel of criticism of, pretending to be informed, Bufen zombie, candle Bog, and so on, the crowd bustling.

in Japan, AcFun and Bilibili have imitated Niconico, also experienced the copyright storm, Up main home, meet the competitor Zoome past, these are Chinese Internet users in the history of deja vu. Unlike several China, website, Niconico later, with a live broadcast live with the electricity supplier services, the parent company of Dwango by Nintendo investment and Kadokawa merger, once came to the acquisition of Hayao Miyazaki Kawakami Ki as the founder of the Ghibli, creation of EVA Khara studio director…… Niconico not only "rule", but also out of the Japanese House circle, the role has gone beyond "Japan’s Youtube."".


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‘s early Niconico

Japan’s early Internet and China share a common character, behind the United States, and then developed "local characteristics."".

at the end of the last century, Nishimura Hirono, a student studying in the United States, founded 2CH, a similar and extremely concise interest forum.

in 1997, YAHOO established two years later, the amount of students set up Sichuan provide entertainment information playing in 2003 (Dwango), the company listed on the Tokyo stock exchange.

was founded in 2005 and became popular in Youtube, and some video sites began to appear in japan. In December 12, 2006, communications services company Niwango play under the flag opened Niconico, Niwango became one of the directors of Nishimura Hirono, in the blog on the circle of friends to his house to recommend.

Niconico does have something to recommend, and innovative barrage allows video viewing to be more fun. However, it did not provide video upload service at first, but it used Youtube video stream, played on its own website and added real-time message subtitle function. (this tactic, later to follow Niconico Chinese barrage site learned to go together, let the porters is part of the membership or Up, in Sina, Iqiyi and other popular video site Youku upload again hotlinking. A before the station operator is responsible for Simon once attributed to the phenomenon of domestic hotlinking is that big company disease, video website Department complex, the barrage site stolen bandwidth is not directly responsible for the operation Department, and saw an increase in the amount of video uploaded, also do not turn a blind eye to find trouble. To 12 and 13 years, video site copyright progress by leaps and bounds, began to impact barrage station, talk about cooperation can not be >