Talk about website optimization again enterprise has responsibility

before I wrote an article called "corporate responsibility" that website optimization is a fire shutter doors ( word ranking is not stable and the company does not maintain a problem, remember when I said, I take over the maintenance time, said a week will return to the Google home page, indeed, this week the 4 update fire shutter doors of the word back to the Google fifth, so I would like to especially SEO colleagues, SEO website optimization is a need for patience, you should put the site as their own station, to maintain and to update every day; the natural site will have a good a noun, sometimes there is a Google ghost phenomenon in Google, really exist, we don’t know, but I think, Google inspection of railway station is still there, so your site will appear Instability, this time you need to do is not to worry about how to get it up, after all, Google is not ours, we just need to step by step to do our content every day.

              update the article, we do the chain construction, our 5 days, 7 days or 2 weeks certainly can return to the original position, do SEO very hard words fall, the customer can not satisfied, will find the boss, the old board satisfied so you might get into trouble. This time you have to explain to him, don’t worry, patience is a basic work need to do SEO, instead of complaining and complaining. If you can do that, it means you’re home.

finally learn from predecessors who always say a word "content is king, the chain as the emperor", which can not be less, and this sentence, no matter when, I dare say, are the most SEO need to care about and pay attention to. I also want to say to the enterprise, the website is yours, you need to manage your product as hard as possible, and the patience of your colleagues is more important than anything else.

is not good it this way, the general idea is out, I want to see people can understand what do you mean, I don’t spray on it, and hope that the majority of business owners can see this article. Vilin