Pinterest founder the algorithm is better than personal exploration and discovery


if Pinterest is the most popular in 2012, the fastest rise in popularity of social networking sites, some people will deny? Pinterest is so charming, there is reason for website design, its attractive light weight picture text, female users, the majority of the fun of discovery etc.. Open Pinterest web site, that row of "nail" full Chinese beauty picture of the panel, like waterfalls flying down, never end. The pictures on each panel are submitted by the user themselves, including the things they like, the items they want to buy, and all kinds of novelties.

Pinterest was founded in 2009, when the social world is still dominated by new words. Pinterest CEO and founder Ben Silbermann believes that the text of this form is difficult to real-time expression of real life, and with social networks gradually, more and more users start using the picture panel this way to show life and hobbies, and share to friends also gave inspiration to other users. Pinterest had to thank the early users, without which they laid the tone for this picture sharing, and not today’s Pinterest.

Pinterest gives users an almost offline search experience. "Discovery is exploration," says Ben Silbermann. "When you choose your favorite category, you can travel through a series of recommended things until you find your favorite and unknown stuff.". Such experiences are difficult to obtain, even though they are not often encountered in real life online. For example, people in the decoration of the family, always feel that the store samples are not satisfied, they will travel around to buy, and eventually find a favorite product. This is what Pinterest gives users."

for Pinterest, the algorithm is not important, because Pinterest is called a human index machine. Google’s algorithm for robot crawlers is very powerful, crawling the entire network and providing people with all kinds of information about the world. Pinterest is a tool that does not use advanced algorithms. It just helps people focus their interesting content and makes them meaningful for others. The experience of aggregation and exploration of this kind of content can not be given by the algorithm alone.

Pinterest is still hot, innovation remains. Ben Silbermann said, although Pinterest has been welcomed by users, but the team every day thinking about such a problem: how to make Pinterest better for users to discover new things and try new things such service? Technical problems, in front of us, the problem of designing Service >