New guide to investment Game boom to promote domain name investment

recently, the author found that the overseas game website coming at the end of the year international festival, have appeared in public view, overseas game domain operations successfully bring huge traffic revenue for the site, the well-known overseas leisure game maker Hallpass Media’s new cooking game website, domain name success brought more than 400 thousand independent visitors for its monthly, has more than Hallpass under and two game sites, Zynga building new games domain name on the line after 8 days of successful operation, has 6 million game users etc..

overseas game types in the leisure class, military construction, etc, the game type in the domain name enabled games, can be seen from the above, Hallpass casual games website to enable domain games, not only directly, also can reflect the website theme, of course, the largest overseas game user is social entertainment game social games, users in the Facebook website, Facebook social games enable domain related game content.

also, the domestic game domain enabled diversified types, such as the original Sina founder Wang Zhidong recently successfully acquired the CN domain name, and as independent enabled recently launched Lava game network official domain name, the grand game taking winger also has Shuangpin domain name and domain name, of course, the domestic well-known online game company perfect world, which is China people visit and search habits Larry domain games in the choice of domain name, it is perfect for foreign English enabled initials of the domain name is, and in the opening of the two level domain released a new game, also do not forget to buy game related domain name etc..

domestic game type in online games, single games, online games, mobile phone games and other types, of course there are white-collar class, students facing the social class of the game, the domestic game web enabled game domain diversity, Pinyin domain name, domain name and initials, digital domain and so on, as it is easy to digital domain name remember the well-known online game website 4399 enabled domain name, mobile phone game O’Neal enabled Larry domain, social gaming website Kaixin abbreviated enabled domain name is Pinyin abbreviation + digital combination.

the above, overseas game domain name YISHION word or phrase domain name domain name, the domain name and most of the game "game" word combination, but in the domestic game is still dominated by the domain name, domain name, domain name digital Pinyin abbreviation short domain name, a small part of the game website domain name enabled by "game" type, but also there is no lack of innovation the type of domain name and domain name are combined form it. The game domain name is always double