Entrepreneurship on the road to perseverance a real experience Baoding webmaster

I was born in an ordinary rural family in Baoding. I’ve been looking forward to being able to make a career when I grow up. Junior high school for the first time to learn information technology, from now on on the computer, but in school computer learning, a week on two classes, and occasionally canceled. The computer in the computer room is more than 20, but there are more than 70 students, and a computer has three people playing. Most of the class time is under the control of the teacher, so there is nothing to learn in a month. Then contact the Internet cafes, Internet cafes to drill every two or three days, and not the same as other classmates together, that they went to play the game, but I’m not interested in the game, go on the Internet to find information, learn something, now remember that silly hold when the popular 3.5 years go to the Internet to download the CS inch floppy, engage in more than one hour, finally only one copy of a shortcut to the school computer, the results can not be used as can be imagined,


then came into contact with the construction site, to know what is the domain name, what is space, what is ", so I apply for a free space and a two level domain name, Dreamweaver imitation of others website made a simple page, I began my tour website.

of course, such knowledge is an hour every day I get the results of global Internet cafes, I always go to Internet cafes, have formed a fixed pattern, the boot after the first 15 minutes to download and install the Dreamweaver software, FTP, and then update the website.

after graduating from junior high school I went to the Beijing computer school, contact the computer too much, but still did not get rid of the habit of Internet bar, because professional school restrictions can only learn the learning content, can not engage in other Internet cafes, which is different, want to do what do what. When the construction site is very familiar with, so all of the hacking techniques, how to break the Vientiane management, how to free Internet, how to attack someone else’s computer and so on.

Of course, the

has not stopped during the update site, after several years of development, the first station has only a few simple page is a shape of the website, and later also had a few people talk to me to buy my station, of course, I didn’t agree, after years of effort, it was hard No.

07 at the end of the year, I was 17 years old, sign up for the army, unexpectedly passed smoothly, leaving the station to sell, because do not want to make their own efforts in vain, of course, I also got a reward.

09 years after discharge to an Internet company in Beijing to work, spare time also built a number of sites, site easy operation difficult, my personal ability is limited, with no time management, site is deserted.

10 years after consulting with friends, decided to build a Baoding area information network, in the information network to open a forum column, which is the predecessor of Baoding new home forum.

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