Chinese female community website market is broad new female website potential is big

from a long-term perspective, the continuous development of the Internet will make the Internet industry and traditional industries more closely integrated business, the edge of the Internet has touched all aspects of our lives. China’s 360 million Internet users and 3G era brought mobile users online soaring, the market potential is immeasurable. Fifteen years of development of China’s Internet from the original information portal, games, B2B e-commerce to the SNS, B2C, C2C, whether the application of the Internet model or advertising marketing, business promotion patterns are undergoing tremendous change. The traditional industry market saturation and shrinking economic crisis spread spread, reduce the advertising budget have led to the development of traditional small and medium enterprises have been restricted to a great extent, which to some extent also in promoting the continued integration of traditional industries and the Internet, to promote social progress and economic development of the role is enormous.

The huge potential of the

consumer market has prompted the Internet to vigorously develop services based on network consumption, network management and network information, and closely link traditional industries to attract more users. In recent years, women’s fashion consumer products through the Internet advertising, e-commerce platform, women’s community website widely reached one end of the consumer, in the Internet economy, a meteoric rise. The female market consumption level is high, the market prospect is broad, especially with women’s consumer online shopping and Internet attention significantly improve the situation, to the Internet as a carrier for the female consumer service of traditional channels and emerging Internet economy integration channels of communication build up a beautiful bridge.

female community website is a force around the lifestyle of women consumption to carry out network service, its development will be directly related to Taobao, pat, Baidu has ah B2C and C2C class female community site based and professional women shopping website how to effectively promote the development of complementary plans. Held in Shanghai in April 2009 China ‘female’ community and the electronic commerce business conference, China Internet Association general affairs minister Sun Yongji said the Chinese female community website market is still in the exploratory stage, but a vast market and great potential. Some websites have succeeded in shaping their brands and becoming a popular female community website for women. Such as, decorate nets, Onlylady fashion network, YoKa fashion network, according to September statistics, decorate network has been forcing numerous famous old female portals, becoming the first female fashion community site, thus, the global economic slowdown did not make women chasing better life "rigid" consumption demand regression on the Internet, the need for a large number of new women’s economic carrier will bring more development opportunities for the emerging female website more, like beauty show network (, although the development has just started, the profit model remains to be explored, advertising dependent, but by virtue of its powerful content information and accurate market positioning, the potential remains can not be ignored.

although the market is vast, it is not every opportunity