Half a year fumble finally find the direction of the local station and core competitiveness

I learn electronic information professional, but the construction and operation of websites is very interested in dealing with web design and web site operators also have 3 years of time, during the 2 operation started a website, N website and forum, now go back to my hometown, decided to focus on a local classified information website the operation of the website and forum, now Jiashan city net, opened in May this year, has been half a year, how to operate local stations, have their own experience to share.

today’s networking, with Internet users with Internet users grow with each passing day, the dependence on the Internet is gradually mature and continue to increase, the website already cannot satisfy the demand, especially in the local site, it can be said that the current still tends to the initial stage, and through various investigations found that Internet users for local site is dependent is far higher than other sites, because the local website for users of its authenticity, practicality, sense of belonging and many other aspects of other sites can not be done.

, and generally, there are four main forms of web portals:

1, official portal or information port

‘s official website or information portal is the most popular form of local portal, usually hosted by government or telecommunications. The official nature and capital are their main advantages. But at the same time, non-profit nature, lack of active management and enthusiasm is its obvious disadvantage.

2, personal website

usually by master some basic website construction technology students built, they download a free source code from the Internet, and then modify, buy a space domain to the space domain to a certain area, the largest portal "was born. Most of these grassroots webmaster no money, no experience and technical support, all rely on their spare time to complete the manufacture of " local portal " usually no planning, no content, no order, no promotion, no flow, often an error in the program problem can not solve their own words the website can lead to death. Can be described as " come also in a hurry, go in a hurry ".

3, joined the sub station

this is a very hot form in the past few years, when the major sites are almost recruited to join local operators. But as time passes, these local operators have found the profit for them have been out of reach, they not only invested a lot of manpower and financial resources to do publicity, but also to pay an annual fee high, while the commitment of those "promotion support, operational support, channel support…" is some text game. At the same time, the station’s ALEXA ranking, information, membership is increasing. Join the form of the local site, the vast majority of failure to end, investigate its basic: first, the franchisee too trusted " brand " when the actual operation only to find