Let me talk about the experience of linking web sites

has not been here for a long time, A5 dispatches, today just has a little time, also nothing important, I will be familiar with the website link construction, sends the time. The construction of the link, I think is a very simple thing, the difficulty in the initial stage, I remember just beginning to do a website, the website is just like a piece of paper, no contacts, no traffic, no PR, even the use of space is a year to dozens of pieces of the kind. It was really hard at that time. In order to get more links, I came to A5 almost every other day. Change links to find also very fortunate, almost no one with you change. So, so long, I spent almost a year to finally do it, PR5., I think 5 is a ridge, and in the past, everything will be better.

spent at initial stage in the website, if you still worry about the link, I think it must be personal way you have what problem, such as my own, in fact, why now I do not exchange links with people,? Because I consider a more practical problem, change with you. I thought the same low, lacks the necessary high, others are not too ready to change, even change the situation now as we all know, everyone (including me) are on the home page to link up with numbers is 1, now on such a website, 1 to 2 links in fact, the effect is not big, don’t talk to me about what high quality, my website station, station link is there, but I personally think that basically nothing, just a nice home! Do a 50 link, also is in the number of external links you to add a 50, so the significance is not too big.

so, not through the change, how to build links? In fact, there are many ways to build links, for everyone to refer to my site, the number of links should still be more. Almost all of them are one-way links, and even some links to my web site, I don’t remember when I’ve been dealing with them. What’s the secret of this? Actually, it’s very simple, when your website is doing well. Some people have naturally, company, individual, for me, I love dealing with the type of company website, is not love dealing with personal website why? Personal website is too snobbish, for example, you tell him a link exchange, well, he would suddenly withdraw your link. The reason is, your snapshot suddenly old, ah, what. So very tired, and his cooperation, it is difficult to play a role in the accumulation of links. Then, if the company is different, they generally do not care about this, this link is relatively stable, and extremely valuable. Because the company is rich and willing to invest, the prospects of the website are definitely better than those of your personal website, and your website often does some cooperation with each other. They will naturally recommend your website. Sometimes you don’t need to say hello, and they automatically link up your website. So, when I check links, there are always some websites that I don’t know. These are very common things. Some ratio >