Do not want to do site traffic PR can represent what

doesn’t remember how long he hasn’t tidied up his thoughts. He seems to have been busy recovering from the national day. The key word for the website has always been ups and downs. Think or go with the flow of good, too demanding, but tired. Not long ago a circle of people told me about his work, within 3 months from the PR3 website to get the PR7, a day to do a dozen links (the first set up their own SEO) for I now do website optimization speed is very disdain, I also very much against, but then want a web site if only by his PR then what is the meaning of life?

I’ve seen a lot of stations, the PR value to do very high, but the site is still a mess, no traffic, no practical content, what people think of is just a pile of links. From the perspective of non professional people is also the general users they did not know what the PR value, only a short while ago I do not know what the PR value, until the wine mixed in there, just talk is that. So, a lot of times it looks a bit rough. Because I still do not have to put aside its courage.

I search some websites only a short while ago has made it clear that the shielding Baidu, Google two major search engines crawl, and admire their courage, often in some Adsense group also said that we have blocked Baidu in the call, he can see how spirited, said some angry words, but still very no resistance.

from PR4 to PR5 this is the two month of my website changed, but even the PR value rise after the site is no other changes, I only know that this is in front of those who can not become the climate website to show off the capital, but corresponding to those already shielding search engine site. We looked how naive


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