A station to do more than a year of webmaster experience sharing

time flies, do not feel between the station has been a year and a half, contact, do stand in the Admin5 webmaster online saw a lot of articles, inspired me. When in December 07 I registered your first name www.wiseboke.com, built his first micro blog that blog is a web site, and then bubble Admin5 station constantly, learning a lot of website construction and promotion experience to share, thank you.

later feel very love to play the game, the micro blog that made a focus on the games and computer network to share blog, also registered the second domain name www.wenso.net the search network, he is really a rookie website at the time, basically what all don’t understand, what publicity and promotion. SEO, are their own school at Admin5 station stationmaster, thank A5, let me learn a lot a lot of network knowledge, I became interested in the operation of the site, the Internet has made some webmaster friends.

, but once the site traffic is always not go up, completely destroyed my confidence, give up do stand for a long time, and then a lot of friends encouraged me, I just picked up again, gave up a long time to do the station life.

in August this year, I decided to do 2 stations, first micro blog and search the knowledge network, and then do some extension of the website website group, set up joint scale effect, do not know can not work, I found that as long as the basic content of the original, the search engine ranking of my article evaluation is very high, a lot of key words in the first three pages, and some are still the first page, or even the first, although not much traffic, but stick to it, I think I can make a good stand.

the first to write, write a bit of a mess, don’t mind, you are wondering what to write, do so long, think website is to do users need to stand, your content must be Internet users need, otherwise you will be abandoned.

if you like to communicate with your website and build technical problems, you can go to my blog and thank you for your support.