Webmaster talk about micro blog how to change the decadence of the status quo

booming current WeChat marketing can be said to be far more than the estimate prediction within the industry, whether the big brother micro-blog really want to retire and return to the field at this time? In the face of the user viscosity decline, liquidity has repeatedly been criticized, lack of product innovation in all aspects of negative news, micro-blog marketing really is dead I want everything? Not so absolute. Because all this is just to everyone now according to the forecast and judgment, road at foot, the future of micro-blog marketing should have its own attribution. As long as the rational use and development of its own outstanding media still can let the gene rally. Moreover, facing the trend of market competition and open under high pressure of the market, now micro-blog’s end should be at this time still early, but since WeChat marketing emerging, big brother should consider the future of "planning", or by the market or by squeezing out the WeChat annexation really will become an inevitable event. So what changes should micro-blog have,


first of all, develop new experiences for convenience. If you have been in accordance with the existing development mode of micro-blog, then the current situation seems to have become a foregone conclusion, can be said that the existing platform and mode cannot meet the need of people, facing the pressure of competition, micro-blog marketing will only lead to most of the market share has shrunk, even see the "sinking ship" and do nothing. So now in the relatively stable situation, a bold attempt to develop new ideas and new experiences, new convenience walk the road, because of the powerful population will create a new market environment, but also change a lot of people are not willing to accept the micro-blog product, because it is cumbersome and outdated. The new experience is more likely to lead micro marketing out of the new path of development. So, the future of micro-blog marketing should choose between quality and popularity, or the formation of a new foothold in order to win consumer recognition, the bottleneck in the future for a long period of time affects the development of micro-blog marketing.


expands its scale with its own advantages. Have a strong market resources behind micro-blog marketing, is not difficult to see the two major advantages of its existence, perhaps the expression is not comprehensive enough, but micro-blog can be used as a symbol of individuals or institutions, generally in the stream of people the advantages of information browsing and high quality content advantage. These two aspects are important and There are both advantages and disadvantages., micro-blog also announced the information channel as the opposite, still can have showed some high-quality information sources, as a formal platform, this platform is not fully covered by the other. The disadvantage is that more and more young people are unwilling to accept, and micro-blog can not compete to some extent. How to make this quality itself continue to expand, to a certain extent, but also the future development trend of WeChat. Micro-blog marketing official to take advantage of this advantage in the promotion process to enhance quality propaganda, and establish good faith and high quality service, it should be said that is a good choice.

then turns passive acceptance into active counseling. Now all platform marketing has entered a development misunderstanding, that is, "advertising" promotion, and some good content is interspersed with a little. Present marketing manual >