Dunhuang net Wang Shutong seize the long tail of e commerce

in 2000, has worked in Microsoft, CISCO beauty occupation manager Wang Shutong, became CEO of joyo.com, in her lead, joyo.com performance achieved explosive growth, less than 1 years, Wang Shutong became an Internet industry influential man. But as the development of joyo.com automatics in June 2002, Wang Shutong suddenly resigned, surprised people in the industry have expressed regret.

Dunhuang network CEO Wang Shutong

but after 6 years of silence, Wang Shutong has become the focus of media attention, with Wang Shutong and her debut of the founder of the Dunhuang Network — the electronic commerce website has received two rounds of financing, 2008 sales revenue will exceed $200 million. Dunhuang is in many talent shows itself in e-commerce website, mainly because Wang Shutong seized the electronic commerce of the "long tail" – to provide online trading platform for small suppliers and buyers of small, micro ecological Dunhuang network has changed the retail industry in the local area, analysts say, Obama and Mccain may not be able to help the plumber Joe "entrepreneurial success, it is Dunhuang network can provide procurement platform for their business……

Wang Shutong is one of the most famous women entrepreneurs in the field of Internet e-commerce.

2000, Wang Shutong resigned from CISCO company, CEO of a later electronic commerce website — joyo.com, joyo.com background is not generally, is the largest shareholder of Lenovo holdings and Kingsoft, the website began to become "Asia China inferior horse", because of this background, the Wang Shutong beauty CEO a time to attract many eyeballs.

Under the leadership of Wang Shutong,

‘s business grew rapidly. In 2001, when the Internet bubble burst, excellence’s business grew by more than 100%. But in August 2002 is the development of excellence network in full swing, has become China’s Internet industry, one of the iconic figures Wang Shutong suddenly quit, resigned from the position of excellence network. The news caused a sensation in the Internet community. Since then, Wang Shutong has disappeared from the people’s vision.

it was not until October 2008 that Wang Shutong came back to the public eye. DDT released the "high-tech, high growth, China’s top 50" list, one of the "Dunhuang net" e-commerce company ranked seventh, and the site’s founder and CEO is Wang Shutong.

The pace of development of the Internet industry is

a fine day, Wang Shutong left the public view for 6 years, Chinese Internet has changed turn the world upside down. Sina, Sohu and NetEase 3 portals have entered a stable growth period, the quarterly net profit of tens of millions of dollars. Around 2001 and remarkable net name sound, and in the field of e-commerce Alibaba network, has become the world’s largest e-commerce site, the market value of several hundred million yuan. Ctrip, Shanda, Baidu and a large number of new business models of the Internet business has grown into a spotlight star. >