How to judge a website’s SEO optimization is good or bad

on a website will have a lot of evaluation conditions from different angles have different view from the customer perspective, site structure clear, visit fast enough; and from Baidu search engine, a large flow rate, high original things, outside the chain of high quality website is good;

therefore, to meet both of them on one side is not really a good website in the real sense. We need to do our best in every way and come to the fore. This is the premise for a good website. A good website must have the following conditions:

first: clear site positioning

A clear positioning of

website, will bring the conversion rate is relatively high customer groups, we believe the purpose is to focus on marketing, only do one thing, will better show our website, this website content will be quite simple.

second: website structure is reasonable,

first proposed here, the structure of the site should be clear, reasonable layout, refused to reject a large number of miscellaneous code, JS script and FLASH animation effects, website open speed, column setting should be clear and easy to see, let customers browse up clear.

third: keywords and description information

in fact, most of the people know, Keywords and Describtion is very important for a website, but people will still ignore the information here, Shijiazhuang network promotion Xiaobian to tell you that keyword and description is equivalent to you, like the search engine submission name card, name card with this people will be better you know, you recommend and related customer ah, another point to remind everyone, after being included in the website, key and description information not easily change their own website. So good keywords and descriptions are also one of the prerequisites for a web site.

fourth: website basic optimization method

inner chain: the inner chain plays a very important role in a website, so it is critical to arrange the inside chain reasonably in the website.

original article: original article will also give a website SEO optimization greatly improve the index, good original article, give sufficient spiders fresh taste of things, is also very important.

site map: when spiders enter the site, the site map is a good guide, spiders are easy access to every corner of the site.

redirection file: 404 error jump page: About 301 redirection files and 404 pages, there are a lot of people will not do, in fact, these two pages is still very important, a hint role.

fifth: Baidu snapshot

the basic decision of a website can be seen from PR, in addition, there are many people will be based on Baidu snapshot to judge