Several common marketing methods and analysis of Taobao

hits the hottest keyword on the Internet in 2010, no more than micro-blog and buy. With a "Bib" has become home to the new year, the Spring Festival of 2010 for having heard it many times a slogan. Micro-blog has naturally become an effective position for Taobao customers. Here I Taobao customers are currently used in several marketing tools for the next analysis of pros and cons.

1. micro-blog

micro-blog is growing so fast that some people are not responding. At present, the opening of micro-blog site, I know more than 20. Micro-blog with its fast (a few words can be a micro-blog blog is fast relative to a long and minute statement (with) the convenience of mobile phone can also send micro-blog, whenever and wherever possible can share our opinions with friends by Internet users). But we found that almost all micro-blog sites are written beta. Thus, this new thing remains to be perfected. Well, how do Taobao customers use micro-blog to marketing? I think, first of all, to establish their own circle, it is not enough to promote their products. For example, I am a slimming product. Then I’m in micro-blog post, how to face such stovepipe short article, so MM will want to lose weight of your article, or become your fans. For a long time, your fans will become more and more, forming a circle of your own. Then you can send some links appropriately. Later, depending on the specific circumstances, you can add more links. Light marketing in a micro-blog is far from enough. You can sell multiple micro-blog at the same time. So, do you want to log on to more than one micro-blog? No, I’ll introduce you to a micro-blog tool called micro-blog. I believe a lot of people are using it. Login micro-blog pass, just a few seconds, you can publish your article to more than 20 micro-blog, strong enough bar.

tip: micro-blog marketing must build their own circle, hair can not advertising, or repeated release. Otherwise it will backfire.

2., Baidu know and Search ask

Baidu knows it’s very strict now, and it doesn’t work to send a product link. But you can take a different approach. That is to say, you can change the link to text. For example: my website is 520 beauty body slimming network. When I answer other people’s questions, I want to add a link to the website. Then I can change the link to 520 beauty slimming nets. Want to know the product, can’t find the website link, will go to search 520 beauty body slimming nets. Regardless of which search engine, 520 beauty body slimming network, this keyword is ranked first. You’ll find my website automatically. Search search after Baidu, but the audit is not as strict as Baidu, you can send web links. But remember, don’t make too much. I sent 8 links to search for 1 months. I hope the warning. If you register more than one account, is it possible to change IP? This is what I want to try.

sum up: any kind of marketing is a double-edged sword. Taking advantage of it will bring revenue to your website. Use >