Red tiger the guest must focus

Buffett once said, "stay focused on attractive things."." Therefore, a hot spot or future hot spot should be every learning network marketing, learning SEO people’s concerns. I immersed in the stock market for more than 10 years, accustomed to the vicissitudes of the stock market, there have been several ups and downs, it should be said that this experience is also a wealth. So, every time to buy a stock, I will look at the stock rise space or the future if there is room for speculation, in a sense, the hot spot means wealth, all the latent for future outbreaks, like a stock master used to say: "three years not open, open to eat for three years."

recently I learned some knowledge of SEO, also watching Baidu billboard, "happy in front of Taobao has been ranked in the list of search keywords, and on a whim, if you do a" Taobao happy guest "the long tail keywords, to see whether the front row in Baidu search list, is also to a test of learning SEO. Because of the good subject, combined with their own time to do a guest and long-term concern some experience Ma dynamic, soon began a "red tiger: a happy Taobao guest" article, write the article, published in the webmaster nets. Soon, the other is the webmaster point which reproduced, the most rapid response is a netizen wisdom sports online, my article made some small changes, becomes a pseudo original published, but it retains the occupation moral, website address. Today, a look, actually row in "happy Taobao guest" keyword home page second. Nothing is impossible to a willing mind. There is no lack of beauty in this world, but nothing is found. In fact, in our daily life, there are many hot spots that can be used to create wealth for us.

then I summed up the experience, the original stock can not only help me good fried shares, but also help me to do the guest, really wonderful have different approaches but equally satisfactory results. Stocks, look at the weather, Tao is also watching the weather, as farmers farming, sowing seeds in the spring, autumn is harvest, therefore, whether it is to do the stock or guest or keep a common heart is very important, "endure loneliness to master, going out, share with you.

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