Easou five ways to forge strong chain of foreign trade website

foreign trade station because of its particularity, in order to make the content of the construction is not an easy thing, so we have to start from his chain, it is very important for a chain of powerful and stable, on this point, an article "easou in front of the shop is good to do foreign trade this search ranking three" the only way which must be passed, but the chain like powerful and stable come from? According to the company for foreign trade station construction experience, the following ten points of experience for reference.

method 1: Free, directory, list, submission

now included this free directory on the Google search will have a lot of, you can choose some sites high weight site is added, of course perhaps the audit time will be longer, but this time it will have increased your chain website. And you don’t need to add their backlinks, and if you want to go through the reviews earlier, we can consciously add links to their websites to increase the passing time.

method two: Link, exchange, with, other, webmasters

although the old-fashioned way, but still have to take the initiative to see, and their relevant web content, and website weight good site to do connect to their website, and then look for opportunities to email and webmasters, which will make foreign friends think you webmaster is more sincere, the general will and you do friends chain.

method: Blogging, and, commenting, on, other,, related, do-follow, blogs


blog is a good way to increase the chain, but now many blog programs have developed spam anti spam function, so easy to recommend watching foreign related blog article, or try to look at the article about content, and then according to their own experience to write what is the way of the bloggers, respect, and can effectively increase the chain of high quality. In their opinion, the best is to use the form of questions, let the blogger himself to give the answer, this method easou tried and tested results. Interactive, good, and friends can become friends with the blogger. That’s a good resource for you later.

method four: Forum, posting, and, signature

some popular forums is really a good place of the chain, but to master the method for the general case, do not publish their own product information, such as the administrator will be directly spam titles. BBS procedures used abroad, there are many, in order to better find the needs of the forum, you can search Google, organize a good forum, do a good job classification