Tell me what think about the local website operation

The construction of

local information website should be made in place, and the biggest characteristic is the interaction between the able man and the human. I’ve been a director at a local gate station for a year, and I have some ideas about it.

1, entertainment nature easy to get popular

entertainment is very easy to get people, such as the local folk organizations can be spontaneous (tourism, cars, eat / drink / friends, KLOK, calligraphy, chess, Film Club) free online service

business, so that popularity is not possible.

I planned a mutually beneficial cooperation with the biggest movie theater in the country (no need to invest money, talk about cooperation), the movie club. In addition, with some calligraphy loving chess tables, where are the teahouse activities or cooperation? I do Internet platform support, free of charge. There are also some friends gathering such as launching some small activities every week. When we meet new friends and repeat them, we can provide free services for all kinds of voluntary organizations.

2, commercial attention, do not need to consider more Internet users, the focus should be considered how to serve the business.

I say I do, there are several classification information collection according to their respective industry initiative to collect people’s daily information below, with the business daily on-site face-to-face communication (this is very important, this is the fundamental survival website).

each industry has its own different characteristics of the industry. Do not share the same web services with all the businesses in the same way. But when it comes to understanding, come up with a plan for each other (preferably unique). Discuss and discuss with each other. (charge? See what you say. Don’t suggest starting to talk about money, just show your sincerity, as long as you are really for the other services, then the other side is able to feel, will take the initiative to ask how much money do you need? So you take the money, not money can according to the actual situation at the time set).

said above is one of the second services, here I am planning the first online real estate exhibition, and plans the first car network show, as for program, want to see my friend Q or to the "home network China platform to find.

what I’m trying to say is, in big ways, you can try to do similar big events (especially for online and offline activities). So you can go to some free cooperation (talking about cooperation units, remember not to give money, and do not accept the money of the cooperative units). Options such as electric city, shopping malls such as cooperation, because they will have a lot of promotion plan, you just rides).

then take the investment book to run customers, invite customers to participate (such as property will find the real estate business), even if no one, you have great harvest. What you’ve got is meeting with so many customers, talking about ideas, and letting them know you. If there’s no one willing to give you money at last, you choose to feel better