Apple is losing its users and is hard to reverseWhat is the future of Taobao’s customers in 2011

at the same time, the impact of Apple’s hard to leave ecosystem is not obvious in China, and Tencent and some local Internet companies have a powerful influence that is hard to shake. Software and services business is the key to Apple’s ingenuity, but users in Rui China are less important. Last month, WeChat suddenly announced the discontinuation of IOS version of the user a reward function, the reason is that apple must use the function through its official payment channels for bringing apple from the user with unconditional pumping into 30% reward amount, WeChat thinks this violated "original intention" and will be offline. Apple’s move is of financial considerations, but the ecological system of WeChat is increasingly strong concern is the main reason, WeChat has become more and more "operating system", officially unveiled at the beginning of this year’s "apps" let users do not even have to leave WeChat can usually must reach by independent app to the work. This allows apple to directly feel WeChat’s huge threat to its own software ecology, Apple has no right to prohibit WeChat development, but it is impossible to sit idly by while WeChat nibble its own market.

, there are a lot of funds directly select the stationmaster station group, leading to more competitive pressure a few steps, originally very unpopular words will be a wash and air stations stations, because there is one advantage, will naturally not high quality friendship link Taobao station good rankings. Now, no pressure to find words almost idiot in your sleep, no matter what no matter what popular words long tail words, there will be fierce competition.

2011 has imperceptibly less than half of the past, in the past six months, Taobao customer life lengnuanzizhi, most of the Taobao customer still silent trying, until the 360 shopping assistant turned out, how many Taobao customers began to stand up; although this is just a browser plugin, not even the default browser plug-in, only 360 of the publicity really awesome, as long as the publicity itself, the term Taobao customers may become history. As a result, Taobao to go off to the soft volley, just let the momentum was drowned. Shopping assistant.

In fact,

, now the shopping assistant plug-in did not die, now go to the 360 browser website can also find a shopping assistant, a shopping assistant seems better than before the shopping assistant was even more violent, not only allows users in taobao shopping, also can let users in the mall, Jingdong listed dangdang the website shopping rebate, it is the ultimate weapon against CPS, as long as there is CPS shopping assistant, the words are likely to become history. Of course, that’s the most pessimistic guess. We never believe that.

first thing to say is the nature of search engines, after all, Taobao guest sites are relying on search engines to eat, and few people dare to say that their Taobao passenger station does not rely on sh419. Just because it is easy to call Taobao Kezhan API page repeat, sh419 will naturally a lot of K off the site; and a single page site is equally difficult to optimize the results, sh419’s bad temper pondering, the income of the guest does not see the whereabouts of Taobao. sh419 is in charge of small and medium-sized webmaster fate, if not because the site is K off angry words, I believe most people never say such words leave sh419.

now, Taobao’s life is still no more than before, in addition to the birth of the shopping assistant, as well as search engines, bad temper, peer pressure competition, which are Taobao customers living reason for embarrassment.

A lot of people entering the industry in addition to

analyst Andrew UerKwite also predicted that Apple’s sales of iPhone8 this year will usher in a wave of explosive growth, but in the long run, Apple’s innovation has shown some stamina

Oppenheimer analyst AndrewUerKwite attended a series of Chinese mainland and Taiwan after the meeting concluded that Apple’s lack of unique innovation in hardware and software is the root cause of the decline in market share China. According to the International Data Corporation IDC data, the first quarter of 2017, Apple’s market share in China is 16% from the same period last year fell to 9%, is Chinese local brands perennial top three in extrusion. Today, smartphone features tend to be homogeneous, but the price of Chinese brands is much cheaper.

second, the competition between Taobao customers more intense, join the Taobao customer in the industry is far greater than the people to join the Taobao alliance shop owners, new entrants plus Taobao customers love high profit promotion, this will lead to a lot of people in the promotion of the same shop and baby, this kind of competition will as can be imagined. The competition was very simple keywords might have hundreds of thousands of people, and keywords index rose rapidly, other people really think that this is a popular word, it is the Taobao index ranking out of the guest in the view.

in the current market environment make apple more need to rely on software and services to increase the confidence of investors in exchange for the fourth quarter of last year, China District app sore a record $2 billion single season, over all regions of the world to become the largest consumer market software. Obviously China market performance of apple apple is essential, if only to enhance the income of district software services to WeChat Chinese national level application this pressure is very easy to get into trouble, a long time overseas Internet and technology companies are in the domestic market, especially the modest, the reason behind many layers, but the regulatory power is always the most one of the most important, because if the provisions of the domestic Apple developers are almost equivalent to the overlord regulations and relevant departments are eyeing the biggest losers who are presumably at a glance.


in the United States, people still want new iPhone phones, even though Samsung has always introduced new features before apple. In China, however, apple is frustrated by the lack of bright spots.