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Wind information terminal statistics, last year the new third market actual total fund-raising 147 billion 795 million yuan, PE giant Jiuding group and China Merchants total funds raised 20 billion 800 million, two "pump" fund-raising accounted for about 14%. This year, the two "big buffalo" has not issued a fixed increase news.

first, the new three board financing function has not been weakened, although fixed increase by cold

there’s a piece of land, the flow of every day you all dare not to think, a room for scores of people, how many have chat room? How many people are in and out in a day? And people who go there are usually very boring people. They are people with certain desires, and what you are doing is using their desires.

3,   many number hanging on your application, a number of two can enter the chat room, assuming 10 numbers can enter 20 chat rooms, a chat room a day of high traffic alarming, then 20? But your machine has to live. And check it from time to time to see if it has been kicked out. If you avoid kicking, then be quiet inside and don’t speak. In fact, a lot of people go in

Abstract: the new three board financing cold has been a public fact. In addition, the current increasing number of listed companies to increase the time required to set aside, cancel the fixed increase plan, but also shows that the new three board listed companies encountered financing bottlenecks.

a few days before the tutorial is hang up GG the school do Wangzhuan tutorial, written in more detail, in fact, is not suspected of cheating. Because sh419 flow to you is also traffic, the school network to your flow is traffic. But I’m not going to do anything about the course I’m going to write today. Declare first that what I write is not encouraging you to do it directly in my way, but to publish a course. You can use it as a reference to draw inferences from others. Don’t scold me for what happened. I was very unhappy about the last thing.

this conclusion, for the new three board participants should be deeply understood. Especially for the need of financing of three new board companies, almost is the pain of cutting one’s body. On the one hand, enterprises want to pay attention to capital; on the other hand, capital is in a wait-and-see state.


we usually do the station, must have tried many ways of promotion, network publicity also know to flow big place to do publicity, often go to the place also know. But I wonder if you’ve ignored a — chat room.

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in fact, the high temperature of the summer is for the cold pressing new three board market brings strong warm current, drive layered system landing after the entire new three board market.

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hot summer, this summer. However, in the new three board market, this summer is cold pressing.

in fact, last year a total of three new board 2214 companies, raising a total of 3044 times, and this year only 1016 listed company raised 1046 times, almost half the 2015 full year, excluding the opening during the Spring Festival, is actually a year has increased. Under continuous Yindie, but basically unchanged from the same period last year, it is not easy.

this year, regulators and other financial institutions such as PE/VC financing and listing of a full range of restrictions, dragged down the overall financing scale. From the time point of view, this year, no PE institutions have been opened up; from the policy level

1,   application of several pure number, sex will be replaced by a girl, a nickname in the permitted range is more temptation better, data written on a lonely, then remember to bring your web address, don’t forget to set all the information people can view. About that section of instructions is your most important link to induce traffic, the key is to see how you write. The effect of being implicit, explicit, or explicit; the key is to move the mind, to the mind of desire or curiosity.

, three new board stocks so far this year, the actual total fund-raising total of only 44 billion 789 million yuan, close to last year’s 1/3 market, financing difficult.

bearing the construction of a multi-level capital market and the responsibility for the small and micro enterprises cry piteously for food transfusion market stones, more than 7600 enterprises like a stone in the river, river water is a symbol of liquidity in the market, in the 953 layer of innovation in the "torrent" under the leadership of the enterprise, liquidity can eventually so, the activation of the cooling of the financing set by the market, will greatly test the patience of investors.

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trading market downturn, the decline in the scale of financing, the urgent need to enhance the market value of the enterprise, work non-stop to play the field circuit entrepreneurs looked at the field, the appearance of institutions / investors, set the stage for enterprise roadshow hosted brokerage and three new board ecosystem participants are in a wait-and-see stratification system after landing the new third board market.