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2016, listed companies invest in private equity funds unabated, and they participate in the fund through LP or other forms. For example, behind the canopy medical fund includes HannStar medicine, Tasly, sea CISCO, Kunming pharmaceutical, Ferrer shares of more than 10 listed companies in the pharmaceutical industry.

2016 pharmaceutical health industry mergers and acquisitions of more than 400, the amount of more than 180 billion yuan. Mergers and acquisitions of Listed Companies in China have also attracted the attention of the industry. In addition, in the past 2016, the rapid growth of listed companies to establish PE funds is also a hot spot.

in the frequent announcement of listed companies behind, in fact, are talking about their growth logic and change path. At the moment, the new growth point is undoubtedly placed in front of the medical and health listed companies practical problems. In addition to endogenous growth, listed companies have been seeking more extensive mergers and acquisitions and integration of resources, with the power of capital to seek development and transformation.

members who have complementary or common interests form a team to start a business. Nowadays, entrepreneurship has not purely pursued personal heroism, and the chances of success in team entrepreneurship are much higher than that of individuals. An entrepreneurial team composed of R & D, technology, market financing and other complementary advantages is the magic weapon for success of entrepreneurship

four is team entrepreneurship,

wanjia98 editor the easiest way to succeed in business is "network, join, part-time, team, competition, concept, internal" and so on seven ways. Entrepreneurship is novel, discover and grasp the opportunity is just an important part of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial process includes creating value, create and operate a new yinglixing enterprise, through individual or a group invested company, to provide new products or services, and consciously create value

from the past ten years, the growth of the medical industry mainly comes from two aspects:

with the ability to increase the value of services and the depth of the intervention of listed companies with the power of capital, it can more effectively increase the intensity of transformation, and improve the value of enterprises and the possibility of successful transformation.

is pioneering in the work, such as the choice of part-time teachers, training teacher: entrepreneurship training consultant can choose part-time salesman; part-time agent of other products sold; designers can set up their own studio; editor and contributor toward media creation, development; accounting, financial consultant agent account for financial translation; part-time translation and interpretation, legal advisers and lawyers; part-time firms; planner part-time advertising, brand, marketing, public relations consulting; of course, you can also choose the franchise; customer incentive plan etc..

, IPO of listed companies to raise funds in recent years can be seen, the traditional industry or traditional medicine industry in large part in the expansion of production capacity yield; and the private placement to raise funds for the production of more.

transformation of the healthcare industry, especially the traditional pharmaceutical companies, often through the change of management, industry migration including horizontal expansion and vertical depth and the whole enterprise transformation three ways gradually seek self breakthrough and value realization. Whether it is from other industries to switch into the pharmaceutical industry, or to extend outward from the original pharmaceutical industry diversification strategy, or on the basis of the original attempt to create and integrate the new strategic direction, is a common way at present.

three is part time business

‘s growth logic,

is the first endogenous growth, which increased yield, price increase, new products and business development including technology upgrade, this logic still exists, but compared to other industries, the health sector will have a more stable and lasting growth opportunities;

share brand gold, share know-how, sharing of resources and support, to take direct and entrusted to join, franchise and other forms of franchise, the amount of investment varies according to the types of goods, shop requirements, technical equipment and the different ways to join.

two is joining the venture


effectively use existing cyber source network business, there are two main forms: online shop, online registered online store; online join, to operate a e-commerce sites in the form of store, use the source of goods and maternal website sales channels.

is an online entrepreneur,

second is exogenous growth, accompanied by the power of the capital market, the industry rapidly extended to two directions, and the future of medical health industry mergers and acquisitions may be more intense integration.

the easiest way to succeed in business is "network, join, part-time, team, competition, concept, internal" and so on seven ways. Entrepreneurship is novel, innovative, flexible, energetic, creative, and able to take risks, to find and grasp the opportunities is an important part of the business, including the process of entrepreneurship to create value, to create and operate a new yinglixing enterprise, by a person or a group of investment the formation of the company, to provide new products or services, and consciously create value. Entrepreneurship is a process of creating a different value, the value creation needs to invest the necessary time and some effort, bear the corresponding financial, psychological and social risk, and in money and personal achievement rewards. The most common forms of entrepreneurship are:

of these listed companies involved in the establishment of the fund, to a certain extent is also considered in the business growth process, more extension of the industrial chain, and further broaden the industry synergy and complementarity, and professional fund management team can also help them a helping hand.