Analysis of several reasons why Ali mother alliance off single phenomenonYang Wenjian how do earn

, this is my spam site. Turn on my website and you’ll definitely see my ad. In each article page from the page are SP, GGAD and CPC on union registration. The article was not much content, but hung so many ads, when there are pop-up and rebound. In addition to updating the site, I usually do not go to their website to see, so many ads can make ten thousand IP daily income of about 150.

some people worry about traffic, and some people worry because of traffic. When there are tens of thousands of IP every day, simply doing SP, I do not feel the full use of traffic value. At that time, there is nothing to do, also go to see other people’s Web site, found that every time they open their web site will pop up another web page, study found that this is called pop-up advertising, I find the advertising League address through the code. Copy the code window hanging, but also to the GGAD and the CPC League advertising also hang up, then do a back elastic web pop-up SP registration page.

launched 360 shopping assistant plug-in, long before he actually has this kind of plug-in, or many malicious plug-ins, you may not remember what time has been installed, like a movie software may install unknown plug-ins; if there is such a plugin in your browser, so whether you how shopping may not receive commissions.

let the reality of survival before me, when the site can not be profitable, it chose to give up, and then through other modes to make money. When someone sends a large amount of traffic by sending some edge words, he begins to think about how to use the site to make a profit, rather than using the website as his own face. Slowly, positioning yourself in the garbage station, and slowly, no one will see the site to tell others.

major Adsense online recommendation and various alliance review site advertising alliance, human possibility of operation is too big, so we also rarely believe these ads.. These advertising unions either bad credit, or is the delivery effect is not good. Always can not achieve good results, often after a period of time it was found that the wrong choice of advertising alliance. >

Ali mom alliance single seems to be very common, almost every day in the alliance forum, said the alliance black single webmaster friends. In any case, Ali mother League is still very inclusive of the league, or there will not be so many cheating in the station; of course, tolerance is one aspect, justice is another aspect. In fairness, in this regard, love is not webmaster, or to the mother of Ali alliance, many times, many reasons can cause loss of single phenomenon.

now many Taobao customers love with free program, free space, free website promotion; in fact, many free programs especially with back cracking programs, program crackers can easily modify your PID, you see on the site is your PID, just click on the link there will be a jump, PID changed. In addition, the free space, free web site will also appear this problem, others can easily modify your PID.

two, promotion link code is not standard,

one, website promotion, PID is modified,


a lot of guest if there is no long-term income will go to their own website to buy things, thus saving a large number of money, but sometimes it will be rather baffling out single phenomenon; here a simple analysis of the possible causes of single out, if these are not the cause you single out, so you may be single black

some people say that the details determine the success or failure, but I think sometimes excessive emphasis on small details is the reason for failure. In my first website, every detail of the website are very demanding, to the design of LOGO, and modified to go, I do not know how many times change. Small to switch of the punctuation and a full width half angle. Websites are for webmasters like their children, especially when they have spent a long time doing their first web site. We take care of it and don’t want anyone to speak ill of it, so we start with beauty as the highlight of the website to build him.

five, the owner canceled the promotion of goods

I remember not long ago

four, broadband service provider,


what is the garbage station, opened the site basically can scare many netizens website, garbage station is to advertising experience as the core, for the purpose of making money, legally to earn maximum profits of the website. In the choice of advertising alliance, as much as possible to select large advertising alliance, such as shlf1314, Adsense, sh419 theme promotion and Ali, mother, Taobao, customers, etc.. But these ad unions are limited to some websites, how can they find other advertising alliances?.

do not know the users have not found occasionally in the browser when some sites will find the lower left corner of the pop-up window, of course, most advertising is the site itself, but there are a lot of ads are broadband operators push advertising. In addition, a few years ago, there are people who respond to broadband operators push their Taobao customers link, automatically pop-up shopping window, I do not know if this will be a single reason for the drop, broadband service providers will also affect the promotion of links.

this is a very common problem, now a lot of Taobao customers are automatically called commodity information through free program, if there is no standard promotion link program calls the commodity information, you may not get a commission. Ali mother League will not adjust the promotion link, and if you use the site program has been using the original promotion link, then the purchase order may not be counted, thus appear single phenomenon.


three, the browser has been occupied by the plug-in