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is interesting, although the rookie repeatedly clarified, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement in May 29th with SF, China post, EMS and other 15 courier companies, said the parties will further promote open data connection, in-depth use of large data capacity to enhance the quality of service. But the contradiction between the rookie and SF still can not be suppressed. On the day of children’s day, a dramatic explosion broke out.

clearly, the development of the situation is beyond the original imagination of the outside world. As a result, the State Post Office issued the two sound, the suspension of this "tearing force."".

this is also the site’s operating model, you can consider some offline products, such as network operators, the site is mainly as a platform for display, the income of line products is the key. Most websites are hard to locate and have good offline products. In the absence of good projects and products under the line, the webmaster can open a web site in Taobao, so that their own website can also promote their own shops, the development and search for big favorite commodities. In short, the webmaster in the network profit model to more effort, so as to ensure the normal operation and maintenance of the site.

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May 26th, SF announced a partnership with the UPS strategy, the establishment of an independent joint venture in Hongkong, comprehensive cooperation in international market China + global domestic market, focusing on cross-border trade, expand the global market, rumors and SF to "defected" rookie also spread like wildfire.

website need to consider the product below the line, the operation mode of the website is very onefold now, most websites rely on a few advertisement alliance to maintain namely. One of the drawbacks of a web site is the simplification of its revenues. A large website can make a profit, but most sites can’t earn their own servers or just keep it.


although the contradiction between the two sides has always been there, but not the real thing after the confrontation, but the outbreak of early warning. On May 22nd, rookie launched a "global wisdom logistics summit, MA in the field of speech when he said:" a lot of companies already listed, more logistics companies listed in the queue, but I did not find the future and not listed have much difference, the only feeling is that I became much plute rankings no, this meaning." This sentence is regarded as the external to SF and Wang Wei innuendo, just SF and Wang Weijun did not appear.

in June 3rd 3 in the morning, announced the State Post Bureau, after a night of mediation, and starting from the rookie SF said "politics overall situation", actively seeking the greatest common divisor of solving problems, jointly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and the market order, and agreed to 12 from June 3rd onwards, the full restoration of business cooperation and data transmission.

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on June 1st at two thirty-two PM, rookie network official micro issued a "rookie on the SF suspension logistics data interface" statement said, SF initiative to close the nest from mentioning

between SF and rookie this comparable to "3Q war" tear, after a day of fermentation, in June 2nd has become an Internet circle alternative carnival". Jingdong, NetEase, Tencent and even the U.S., excellent letter expressed on the SF support to action, while EMS, Su Ning, easy fruit fresh, full peak, Stateline, Yuantong and other enterprises together statement, the choice of the stand rookie camp. focus on titanium media, reply "SF team can get details

, rookie with SF in "Children’s Day" dispute that broke out on the surface of the curtain down, but has been pierce the windows of paper, but is the first to pick the first SF rift has just opened, revealing a sharp angle.

new 3Q wars,

who did not expect, a rookie and SF dispute between, can so quickly spread from the logistics industry to the entire Internet circle, evolved into a new round of camp confrontation.