More than Dennis type entrepreneurs have a lot more work to earn tens of millions a yearStation to d

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fails and fails. The key is someone to take it out. It’s a problem.

to do more friends in order to make money for the purpose, I began to do site last year, now has been a year, summed up in the small station advertising experience:

alliance is hard to find, favorites probably add more than 20, also tried a few, ha ha, everyone laughed! Could not get the money! A month on the IP1000 station, more than 5 yuan of income from the Union did not come, so are removed, is to they do, what to do? Haha, are more famous


?We look at the wonderful

project known as a return rate of over 10000 times, in fact, the probability comparable to buy lottery

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‘s financing is to better live, but Mr GPLP sees VCs investing wildly

more entrepreneurs do e-commerce on the surface, the actual matching of logistics, warehousing are their own companies, and finally, investors’ money as a cost into his own name in disguise.

what are some of the real investment circles,

wealth out business for 1 years to earn 50 million speed comparable to print money

hum, do not welcome me, removed most of the GGAD, only retained the sh419.

this is the real VC, in fact, the probability of failure is great, the probability of success is very low, human nature is difficult to determine.

Abstract: more entrepreneurs do e-commerce on the surface, the actual matching of logistics, warehousing are their own companies, and finally investors’ money as a cost into his own name. In a word, the development of the company is not the only straw financing, venture capital is not a ready-made panacea panacea.

1, the station was put into operation in about three months, IP no more than 300, did not think of and alliance advertising, later because the search engine has included, more than 1000 IP and with some experience on the site do not need a lot of energy, began to consider some alliance.

3, began to do sh419, shlf1314: the other alliances are removed, plus only sh419 and shlf1314, and the promotion of sh419 and shlf1314 AD put together, ha ha, the result of one day shlf1314 letter:

GPLP show.

crazy to get VC, PE financing company crazy death

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The purpose of

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Chinese have a very strong bet, so do vc.


4, the first income: by chance, a website management contacted me to do them >

! 2, the

to open the godmother 5W salary, mad to buy LV bag, motionless on the United Family Hospital, half burned investors 50 million, Fox and Yu Xiaodan broke the last empty tear forced finally angered investors Zhou Yahui, both sides began to confront.

this time, and don’t say is for out of which is right and which is wrong, the real money investors really distressed, compared with 50 million of the investment status of empty fox, failure of the Internet Project at most a few chairs and a website and app.

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so, to see the VC as if to see China’s real estate tycoons speaking, wake up, return rate of ten thousand times, like the sky pie, far away from all of us.

million times return as long as others say a certain project he felt myself, so much money to start into the field of venture capital, however, as everyone knows, the real investment is to buy lottery tickets, even made a unicorn, a project called the return of tens of thousands of times, but in fact this probability with the lottery almost think of buying lottery difficulty, you still want to return over a million times?

many projects actually empty and fox and similar investors hit 50 million, however, the project eventually failed, investors only a few computer and a few chairs, and the entrepreneur is transformed back to LV, travel by BMW, a year to earn tens of millions, making the rich speed comparable to print money.