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activity time: January 16, 2008 ~ February 17, 2008

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finally passed the regret in the youth, youth, youth bearish. To review the youth, is a review not regret, is not ashamed of introspection. What we can say is that we are grateful for the fate that has made us experience the ups and downs of youth.

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

then I went to the Credit Card Department of a bank, mainly to promote the sale of credit cards. Difficult to do sales, only those who have been able to experience, especially in the beginning of the stage, the psychological barrier is more difficult to break through. Several colleagues who work together as credit cards decide to make a credit card application. When the bank credit card is the line of two legs. We hope >

in the past four years is the youth of the time, I stayed in four companies, four companies have with the Internet connection, also took a number of projects, but many projects are beginning to warm, the result is today, I’ll settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, some of the projects I have experienced in the youth of the sequence of events. And thinking to do a review. Hope to share with you, is my.

after graduation, take just one thousand yuan, sit on the train from Chengdu to Guangzhou, no seats, fares 100. This bus is idle, to Sichuan, Hubei, Jiangsu and Zhejiang to, then returned to south. After a whole night’s work, the train arrived in Hangzhou. Really can not stand, get off, originally just want to see West Lake. But when I got to the lake, I made up my mind not to go. Start looking for a job in Hangzhou. The job is not hard to find. It has been in advertising for second years. This advertising company mainly two business, one is bought a newspaper layout, do DM advertising. Mainly for rental, sale, purchase and other personal and merchant information. Another is to have a website, that is, the electronic version of the newspaper. I am mainly responsible for the information review of the website, because the information issued by registered users is free. The main income of the website is the information displayed in important position and the information that needs to be displayed for a long time, and it needs to be charged a certain fee. At that time the site needs to do is to promote, at that time there was no search engine online promotion, mainly through offline channels, on the one hand we have free newspapers, newspaper ads on the site, on the other hand, the website has organized several activities under the line, is a blind date, because a lot of information is a dating service. The site has been in operation for a year and the site has now been shut down. But when we want to learn is another company called open advertising, the company’s current business has expanded to the site construction and operation, DM advertising etc.. Summing up the reasons for the failure of the project, I think it is not able to keep up with the changing trend of advertising carriers.

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brings youth, youth, enthusiasm, and depression.

project two: credit card website project

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brings youth, youth, madness, and confusion.

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