shlf1314 Advertising notice how to receive shlf1314 checkYiqifa launched energy saving promotion adv

As a commitment to localization of shlf1314 Adsense,

1, picture station, reason: advertising can not match

www.xilu is the western community forum, the largest number of users, the best reputation, one of the most perfect service to the community.

stations need to text based, good page structure, good support for search engines, appropriate and reasonable SEO, more original and essence of things,

but it’s very fast. You can apply for it tomorrow and get it tomorrow.

More than

3, women’s station: including, but not limited to, clothing, cosmetics, fashion, beauty and other

stands for GGAD:


shlf1314 began to support bank transfers,

is also a shlf1314 express, but seems to be $25, not very cost-effective

if the comrades who have already paid the money, hand in some new skills, if they haven’t gotten them, learn more about

4, movie station, reason: ibid.,

although the time is long, but the poundage is cheaper, therefore many people use this way

recently, shlf1314 can support bank remittances, that is, the Western Union fast remittance, the fee is not very high, is $15

1, computer professional technology station, such as Linux, database, server, network equipment and so on, the click rate is high, the unit price is

recently launched a price high energy-saving promotion CPC click on the ads, 60 yuan /1000IP is cheating, once all the data are not to be settled!

has added more flexible payment methods to mainland Chinese publishers in 2007, and today it is paid by Western Union

‘s finally moving, although it looks like a lot of trouble,

6 and flash station: Reason: ads cannot match

5, beauty gossip entertainment station, reason: GGAD vulgar advertising less or no, the unit price is too low suitable for slightly higher than the above four points


Western Union remittance through this organization for, and also know that you can handle the local business, not

, the person who leads shlf1314’s remittance may know it’s a pain, and it takes a long wait,

2, novel stand, reason: website visitor is old user mostly, basically won’t produce click, advertisement content and website browser the content that need does not accord with

2, a variety of industry stations, such as hardware, agriculture, steel, construction and other stations

3, music station, reason: involving copyright, can not match advertising

, after all, at the critical moment of getting the money at last, it’s really a waste of effort.

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