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editor’s note this is an early Wangzhuan tutorial, we used to share the purpose of his ideas, rather than the details of his money

new board online learned that 4 transactions are 3 Dashuai seller CIC securities investment fund, the Shenzhen Dashuai Asset Management Limited hereinafter referred to as "Shenzhen Dashuai" to offer 2 thousand shares, Chen Qiaoling individual investors to offer 12 thousand shares, the remaining 26 thousand shares by individual investors Peng Shuxiang and Peng Shuxiong offer. In addition to Shenzhen Dashuai to offer 2 thousand shares for 38.5 yuan, the rest are 40 yuan / share.

although not yet in the public information query to the specific transaction by Shenzhen Dashuai "turn" No. 3 guard for CIC securities investment fund.

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report released in May 30, 2016 by Boda luminous shares in Shenzhen Dashuai Boda luminous stock subscription price of 20 yuan to subscribe for 750 thousand shares, involving 15 million yuan of funds.

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private line network information display, Shenzhen Dashuai Dashuai No. 3 Department of CIC securities investment fund managers, investment Dashuai No. 3 was established in September 2015. The new board online business information inquiry found that Peng Shuxiang Department of Shenzhen Dashuai legal representative, executive director and general manager Peng Shuxiong, executive director of the Shenzhen Department of 7, the company was founded in March 2014.

managers repurchase funds under the maturity pressure

June 27, 2017, the new three board listed company broad optical 835801 to 37.37 yuan closing, compared with the previous trading day up 65.5%. Shares transferred to the official website of the public information show that in June 27th, broad optical total of 4 transactions, the transaction price than the previous closing price changes of more than 50%.

broad light in February 2016 listed new three board, since July 7th of this year before opening

three new board liquidity downturn, there has been no significant improvement. The day before, a fund management company is self pick new board stock holdings of its disc products.

is only available from the share transfer system of publicly traded information, CIC Dashuai No. 3 securities investment fund at least since September 9, 2016 began to take over Shenzhen Dashuai holding stock trading price lowest Boda luminous, 20 yuan / share, also appeared the transaction price of 40 yuan.

new board found online, this is not Shenzhen Dashuai fund products and its first trading Boda luminous stock.

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then the company in 2016 semi annual report shows that Shenzhen Dashuai holding 750 thousand, its sixth largest shareholder. But the first half of the 2016 annual report, as of December 31, 2016, Shenzhen Dashuai’s investment Dashuai No. 3 Securities Investment Fund held 313 thousand shares, the tenth largest shareholder.

but it is clear that the second half of last year, Shenzhen Dashuai will hold part of the stock transferred to Boda luminous’s investment Dashuai No. 3 Securities Investment fund.