UC the number of public subscription number fangbang bright blind dog since the media will usher in

content distribution channels like sugarcoating "Ecstasy", not only consumes great physical operators of the writing, pressing time, no platform editor content recommendation, there is no accurate reading to a low amount of fans, and even.

constantly heard that the head from the media to the capital, it also means that traffic Matthew effect is more obvious, trumpet more mixed, the more miserable. Also like the logic of thinking, Wu Xiaobo, the head of the business channel fan from the media as "a little", they are the company’s professional team, then please edit handling content, cost is very low, and you play

, however, once the media out of the operating platform familiar, found the road ", apply to never ever meet again" really do too much! A friend said that the interface flow is good, have a try! See people see Phoenix News, have to register a phoenix.

new list had statistics, the content distribution to Sohu, today’s headlines, 1 points of information, sh419 hundred, etc. one of them from the media platform, the original public number was as high as 90%. In the preparation of media outside since the media people finally found their comparative advantage with reporters: no obligation to a media to maintain loyalty! Say Tencent also did not give the operator to provide flow distribution of the "platform", since the media people to find a way out, not hanging dead in a tree.

More and more

content distribution is high,


China personal website from the 03 years of development, to 06 years of recession, it is in this arena change radically, whether you succeed or fail. Whether you are a wrist or nameless foot, will be recorded in the history of China’s personal adsense.

throughout this well-known personal website since 03 years, the transformation of the transformation, sell sell station station. Close the door. 1ting married. 666ccc and 568 fell, and.Cococ and 9FLASH sold. Once the K666 is different now. The YAKE is how cattle ah. When I first arrived in Beijing, I saw him. The old man was so adored. When the Dragon 51VIP.NET people often go to K666. Haha, sorry, I’ll pull the wrangling and everybody, let’s talk about the past. Let those who pass past into my little words, and had fought are still in the struggle of the brothers "! Every night, I will be very sad, think of the brothers who struggled with me. Think of the days when we earned SP every day backstage, counting money, and thinking about the many times that thrilled us! It’s hobbies and hobbies that make us friends through the internet. Same goal. The same ideals brought us together, we are grassroots heroes, every year the growth of national GDP has our sweat. Every year, only individuals, Adsense, online advertising market, the value of this piece is in the billions. Indirectly or directly promote the development of the national economy.

to say money you have eyes. Be careful, diligent and observant. You have to be more careful. The difference between man and man is over the neck. Everybody does alliance, all know China myopia net bar? And Huaxia beauty net? Register one for more than 10 bucks. Some webmaster said this stupid than company. Register a person to give 10 pieces, really have money to burn. You know what? People make big money. Millions of revenue every year. I advertised him here free of charge. Huaxia myopia net. Huaxia beauty net. Huaxia health net. It’s all a company. Why does he do so many websites? Why do all the industry websites full of money? Why spend more than 10 to buy a real user? Can he make the money back? This big list of questions should be a question mark in our minds China myopia network and many hospitals nationwide cooperation, this smart guy to earn money to make classics. Almost >

in 2016 from the media platform bubble peaked, it seems each call to try the Internet media do App, and from the media to the olive branch. March, Penguin open, April, No. 360 NetEase Beijing time opening, June sh419, Sina open beta from the media aspect, the public number from in July to open beta, since the August Nandu media platform line · · · · · · it can collect various versions of "people from the media must know 30 new media platform" posts.

this year, since the media called "the content of entrepreneurship", on the text, from dawn to dusk photos, making Gif plans to push out, open the low rate of heartbreaking, silently watching you fans still give you hope and let you down, this is the "public number dog life.

from the media platform, in addition to the public numbers, many public number for flow, suck powder, also opened the headlines and 1 dots, Sogou, UC and so on, subscription number is from the media platform in the bright younger generation. According to reports, UC subscription number from May 10th to June 30th operating within 50 days, the application from the media over 32000, settled in over 5500, more than 100 thousand articles, 658 articles read over 1 million +. Is this another wave of new flow bonuses? Are partners no longer going to get a UC subscription number?

did not stop!