Giant CEO Liu Wei take the opportunity of privatization as the two pioneering undertakingFifth horiz

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two, to promote hand travel strategy to catch up. From the development, operation, investment, mergers and acquisitions, overseas agent etc., for Mobile Games market share; to encourage young colleagues to Mobile Games research platform of entrepreneurship, bold attempt, let us Mobile Games business this year blossom.

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in 2004, after the giant network of entrepreneurship, we have experienced three years of hard work, the hard times, many colleagues unforgettable life. Everyone paid back in 2007 and the company made a successful listing. Many involved in the backbone of entrepreneurship have also received due rewards.

2014, the company will be privatized as an opportunity to enter the two stage of entrepreneurship. Through a series of reward measures, improve the executive ability. We hope that all of you will join us and rekindle your enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and seize this time

2014 is giant network poineering 10th anniversary, giant group builds 25th anniversary, a very meaningful year. Our company, we are in the Internet industry, will usher in a tremendous change this year: the privatization of the company, the mobile Internet tide rolling.

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and hand travel, I hope from research and development, operations, investment, mergers and acquisitions, overseas agents, etc., scramble for hand travel market share; encourage young colleagues to hand travel R & D, operating platform entrepreneurship. Wang Jiecong

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ten years, the entire Chinese Internet industry has undergone profound changes. The game industry has also changed dramatically. In this industry, like riding a boat behind.

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New Year everyone! Today is the first day we started the year of the horse, on behalf of the company management team for everyone to wish everyone a horse at top speed, pay New Year’s call,

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one, adhere to independent research and development, boutique strategy. What is the best quality: the expressive power of the pictures, the game core, the gameplay innovation and the long life cycle of the game. End tour business should continue to enhance R & D capability, continue to launch boutique, consolidate the advantages and maintain growth; page tour business, we should strengthen the competitiveness in the R & D field, while setting up page tour operation platform;

, what concerns you most is what we should do this year. Are we clear? The answer is yes,

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giants in 2014 strategic line of business, the business end of the tour to improve R & D capabilities, continue to introduce quality, consolidate the advantages of maintaining growth, Webpage Game business, to strengthen the research in the field of competitiveness, and build Webpage Game operating platform.

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in 2014, the company’s two strategic directions:

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dear colleagues,

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NetEase Francisco February 10th message, the giant network CEO Liu Wei recently issued an internal e-mail said, privatization will be beginning of the company’s two venture, and in 2014 the company will continue to fine strategy of independent research and development, promote and accelerate the Mobile Games strategy.

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