Talk about the status of Taobao passengers a battlefield filled with flamesEarn 200 four make DC

IDC how to do now, so many Internet companies, if you are a person with business cooperation, or studio to do, there are a lot of problems, if you are a person and studio, many large companies stand not worry to you, if you do not maintain security, there is a price. If you open the price is higher than the network company, I believe that few people come here to do business. If we are a studio, what kind of company would you like to find? Well, I think some small and medium companies can do it. There are also many stations for individuals to do business.


I used to take a test done contrast marketing in this aspect, a studio website I access only 10 thousand 3-4 personal advice, they have in mind is to consult but it is difficult to buy into the client, but also among time tracking. This shows that a website, 10 thousand people visit the list of transactions, less than one, two. But I have another method such as adding some group released some free programs, some users answer questions on the forum and blog, this transaction is very good, usually 10 people have to buy 3-4, basically 20 people will be able to make a single.

1, regular webmaster. The website of this kind of stationmaster basically has become climate, website whether traffic and user group already fixed, its advertisement income is much, come from GG. Now the Tao rebate Commission, but not as the main advertising revenue.

why have such a large gap, because you are not a network company Authority Station, small, can not sign the contract and invoice of natural credibility is low, the two is the website registration space, not that we buy, but goods than three, >

IDC hard to do? Not difficult, now many Internet companies, virtual host of this web site service, see there is no money, but the market is still very large, there are many companies open every year, many people are engaged in the business website, if the market is so big you bread, to 100 one is enough. Said in front of the network to do business, the network as a career to see, can endure hardship, lay the foundation for making money, I explain the following day to earn 200 four: I made IDC, the first bucket of gold.


IDC I do now every month with 2 sites are not difficult, a 1500,2 3000, a larger site in two and three thousand, with registered website space and domain name, this aspect of the business, such as network promotion, post and so on, if not what problem, one year minimum 000 4-5. Equivalent to the white-collar now, but then again, but also to go out of cost, what, 40 thousand, I think there is no problem.

how to find customers, for this problem, many of my friends think that I want to do a site every day there are people looking for you to buy space station, it is not, we do IDC is to do e-commerce, e-commerce and network marketing promotion and there is a big difference, e-commerce is a process, including pre-sale, trading, customer service. And network marketing and promotion is only the first step, how to let customers find you the most effective?. Next, after finding you, the customer does not need to do not necessarily, just to see how your e-commerce doing.

so, we have a doubt, why are there so many people lose weight site? sh419 index analysis is so high? Because without him, the highest rate of weight loss drug Amoy commission. Amoy search alliance slimming drugs commission rate of return is the highest, the percentage ratio of most up to 50%. The guest list is that the webmaster alliance income to stimulate our eye. So, many webmaster red eye, the weight loss site has sprung up overnight, not a two, but thousands of. Do the guest site webmaster is nothing more than the following:

you do the guest? This is 08 years ago Amoy owners of spoken language, is now estimated to be a webmaster all know the guest, and more non quasi owners also stampede in. "Tao" quickly swept the internet. Early webmaster has turned a full pot, and now the Tao but is what the situation? To do most of the Amoy weight in the site as an example, analysis of the current situation about the tao. sh419 search "weight loss" keywords, similar results 100W above, and then take a look at sh419 keyword index analysis:

Tao why so rampant, blame the Alibaba. It claimed that as long as it can on the Internet can promote the words, now the situation caused by the guest site. The guest site threshold is low, but it does not mean the guest will make money. Blindly follow the trend, the consequences can be imagined.

site is built by zblog. After reading, you will find them a few guest site, and the author’s website with the same source code, wearing the same clothes, then no doubt, most of the webmaster is a novice webmaster, " " it is dark Empire and dream like Amoy the program, use only a few sets of templates, the site was built up. So, the problem came, and such a similar site will not only cause aesthetic fatigue, also can make people doubt the credibility of these similar sites. The novice webmaster have not thought about, SEO website optimization of late, the construction of the chain, really do it? Do the Tao is really just a website so simple? If it is, then promoting the "Amoy Amoy SEO Wangzhuan" still alive? So, money never.

2, grassroots webmaster. The beginning of construction sites, for personal website, extremely hope to earn income through guest CPC advertising, but because of its website Renqibuwang, micro income.

3, new adsense. Many onlookers, the name of the webmaster, just because some experts advocate SEO, shangliaozeichuan webmaster. Pay tuition, want to earn tuition, no money did not earn, but to help the number of money.