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Wuhan has been raining for several days. It’s really a bit hard for me. The rainy weather will affect the unconscious emotions, it seems that most people are hard to do Fan Zhongyan " the " not pleased not to have compassion feelings. I have been here in Wuhan for less than a year. Although I don’t like the city very much, I have a bit of affection. People always want to find a place to settle down, not, although I have all over the country is the idea of home, in practical considerations, after all, still have to settle in a place.

2, domain name investors, some investors to use the domain name registered by the first principle, some short domain name, which is why those earlier in the domain of investment people make a pot of gold. Case 1: Apple Corp buys iphone domain names for millions of dollars. Case two, six rooms buying costs millions of yuan. Collect and treasure your domain name. One day you will find yourself a rich man.


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he’s just been exposed to micro quotient >


, this brother is one of the most contact with me in Wuhan. I have been in the Internet for about 10 years. Because of his low profile, I don’t write his name on the internet. Although he has been in communication, communication, meet more times, but in career as two parallel lines do not intersect. I thought about a few problems, probably because he had more experience than I did, and I had a lot of ideas about many things. Or what I did, he did it all the time, so he didn’t want to repeat the past. In fact, I would like to say, even if he has experienced things, in different circumstances, has undergone a qualitative change, not necessarily the kind of appearance he had seen.

networks do not make money like some ads say, you can easily have a good income. A person who advocates spending as much time as possible and who has a handsome income. This is someone who wants you to work for him or for tuition. Can I earn money on the Internet? The answer is yes,

chatted with Jen Fang in the morning. He told me a situation where a potential customer had been in dozens, but at the end of the day there was not much.


met some people these two days, and has gone through some things. In a previous diary, I said, "my emotions are easily influenced by external factors.". Today and a friend chat, I think he said very reasonable, he said: "we do the Internet is still the best and do the Internet to stay together, and the line of traditional business people together, after all, not quite inappropriate.". I’ve done a lot of things before, looking for a lot of real business, and a lot of partners. Traditional business people can survive in the fierce competition, their sophistication, Xinhen, refused to work. If you want to take advantage of them, in the end, it’s a dead end. I also want to be as ruthless as they are, and finally find it hard to get up, and still have to eat in the end."

here I give you some way to list through the network can make money, 1, Witkey make money, this part is a technical one class of Logo, making the rich experience and a relatively well-off time, through the website Witkey business a number of projects, and earn some money;

3, the network shops to make money, this is not the new thing, Beijing is looking consulting recently released the latest C2C survey data show that the platform sellers, as of September 2008, Taobao, eBay and pat on the platform of the three C2C shop sell goods to the seller the number has reached 1 million 170 thousand people, and create 420 thousand social employment. On the C2C platform, the number of sellers and sellers of Taobao is the largest, reaching 1 million 50 thousand people, and through the sale on the Taobao platform, the sale of goods in the country directly solve the employment problem of 380 thousand people;

but never mind, gentleman is different. I think a lot of what he said is still in reason, such as the above paragraph, basically my view. Sometimes, you have to admire this experience. Why are people always ahead of life expect you to do something ending, not because they are clever, not because of their good luck to chance, but because they have experienced similar things, have learned the same lesson. And you, if you are not convinced, determined to try, and in the end, is to use your time and money to pay tuition. This kind of tuition is often expensive, and it has to be taught to people who are far away.

4, online advertising to make money, this method of making money compared with the previous few, the understanding of the people are much less. Online advertising to make money by advertising, payment methods can be divided into two categories, one is the CPC cost per click advertising network, the cost per click; the other is CPA cost per action, namely each visitor taken on online advertising pricing model based on action.

Wangzhuan road is hard, sometimes pay a lot of experience, but also has paid the necessary money, but can not see the results, is not the money back. This time you may be frustrated and depressed, but I recommend you stick to it and don’t give up, what will be a critical point. Hang in there and you’ll make money!